Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5d

          I can foresee all events that is going to happen before hand. I only have to press my wand on the place on the mapadometer to get the events of the place in sequential order. “What is mapadometer?” enquired Spidey. Its a drawing or a picture of a place with lines and colours. We have drawings of all the places of this world and even the smallest detail like forests, streams, churches, dams, etc. are shown clearly in mapadometer.
          “Then how did you solve our great grandpa’s problem?” enquired John. Oh yes. After drinking the potion, I looked at my Magicopaedia, within seconds I found the part I was looking, at that time I didn’t feel anything odd. I knew the curse couldn’t be nullified (cancelled out). I had to find a way to regain the transformed person back to normal person. Spidey and Antsy looked at each other. Yes I know, you both might be wondering what will happen of you. I’m sorry I won’t be able to reverse you back to your former shapes, as you were directly in contact with the steeple and nothing can change it.
          After my findings, I stepped out of my abode to meet Sir. Bradley and I couldn’t open my eyes as the sun shone into my eyes and I had to get inside immediately.  Only then I noticed the changes, the potion was making in me. I was very depressed. I opened my magicopaedia to learn more about the infinity potion and there I found all what I had to know- Advantages and disadvantages of having eternal life. I waited till sundown and went to Sir. Bradley. He was surprised to see me at sun down but he didn’t say anything. But I had to inform him about my problem of being alive for generations ahead. Hearing the news he was very happy. I spoke of my inability to move around during day time and for that he created this room, so that I can see him even during day time without the sun interfering. And he also gave the permission to live here for eternity and I told about your problem too. He promised me that he would do something for you both as you should not suffer for his misbehaviour.

“So you were actually here the whole time?” John asked. Yes. Since I didn’t need any food I didn’t had to cook or search any food and so I enjoy a peaceful life learning new magic tricks, so that the future generation could be of use. “But why did you lock the door like that?” It is to make sure that the exact people has come through the steeple or else the curse would stand and we would not be able to rectify it. Anyway, everything is fine for the time being. Now we have business to complete. First things first.
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