Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5c

I’m unable to travel during day time. Hearing it, they all looked at each other. Sensing the tension in the air, he asked, “ Are you all O.K?” We.....llll not exactly, replied John. “Why? What’s the matter?” When we were transformed, exactly at that moment, a house got sprouted in the forest and a wizard flew out from it. “Are you sure?” We are not exactly sure because my little friend Roby was playing there and he saw all these and informed us. He got frightened, seeing us as very big creatures. He might have been confused after all these happenings. Rufus nodded and went into deep thought. All looked worried at each other.
Rufus looked smilingly, then I think we have company. Evil Ramo has arrived back in business. “Ramo?” all chorused together. Yes, Ramo. He might have hibernated with your steeple and when it got activated he too came alive. He was a genius in the art of magic. It took me nearly 2 centuries. But he... Oh wait a minute. He is indeed a genius. I think he had been hibernating for sometime to get this infinity leaf and until now he lost his chance. Now he has arrived again. I think he might have a purpose for this arrival. We will have to check it. But for the time being, we’ll have to stay low. They all nodded in unison.
“So why don’t you continue Rufus? You were saying that you had to sacrifice some good things you had when you were a normal person.” John enquired. Ah. Yes, I don’t have to eat anything as my body rejuvenates (restores) on its own and if ever I feel like eating, thinking of old times, it feels like burnt charcoal. “Oh, that’s so sad, Antsy cried. All agreed. But that’s all for bad things, but I have also got some very good things too, at night I have the vision of an owl and the hearing sense of a cat. My memory is much more advanced. I can learn as fast as my eyes could read. Just reading is enough I can memorize it. I can see the thoughts of other wizards when I’m out of this place. I can understand the language of birds and animals. “Ooooh  that’s cool”, Lisa expressed. But there is one special thing I got which I wouldn’t miss for the world. “What’s that?” John asked.
Be happy, until tomorrow.

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