Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5b

The Magicopaedia is a book where you can find everything and anything about magic. It  has also the recipes of potion making and also the route map of each and every magic. We cannot get it from any book stores, we get it when we complete our magic studies and if we complete the final test without damage. “Damage?” John asked. Yes we have some very dangerous magic tricks to perform, sometimes we are put in a cage of wild animal or sometimes we have to find a precious stone from a jungle infested with snakes or we will have to close an erupted(exploded) mountain mouth. Its not very easy. “And you did all these?” Yes quite easily. I was one of the favourites in the school.
                 I was a very hardworking person and I wanted to become one of the best magicians. I was a normal person just like everybody else, played, joked, ate, studied, etc.. but I didn’t waste any time. When I sat to study, I studied. When I went for play I played completely, no fighting or cheating. When in front of food, I ate completely without any grumble (complaint). And I usually was a cool person, no fighting with anybody. So I had lots of friends and they too hadn’t any complaints against me. What are friends for? To be friendly, isn’t it? They helped me a lot and my good behaviour in class and in the campus attracted the teachers too. They were kind enough to help me. They gave me special consideration when I asked doubts during class time and after that too. "So without magic, you had the power to attract everybody, eh?" John joked. All smiled.
           Now to the story of your forefather sir, I came home and searched in the book for the genuineness of the “Infinity Leaf”. It was there for sure with the picture of the tree and the leaf too. The tree sprouted once in 300 years and when it sprouts, it becomes a giant tree within a week. It stays there for a year. Only the rainbow coloured parrot can find it. No human can see it directly. It sprouts only in the deepest part of the jungle and it produces a special kind of scent (smell), which attracts only these parrots. But the fruit of the tree is very poisonous. The parrots that eat the fruit immediately die. Only trained parrots can avoid eating fruits. These parrots are trained to pluck only the leaf and not to eat the fruits.

              I think Sir. Bradley was lucky that he was given only a transformation curse. Just imagine, how much time and magic Rake Ramo might have given to that parrot and all the hard work just went off in a second. It's not anybody's fault. Its the nature's law, "Evil attracts Evil and Good attracts Good". Wizard Ramo was the epitome (essence) of evil. So now there's nobody to blame.
           I found the recipe for the magic potion to create the eternal life. I didn't wait a second. That night, I extracted the juice from the leaf and prepared the potion and drank. Now I had all the time in the world to help Sir. Bradley. But with the potion I had to forego (sacrifice) some perks (benefits) which I had when I was a normal wizard. “What is it?” John asked.

Stay happy until tomorrow.

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