Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5a

There in front of them were two arm chairs, a web and an anthill. The sight was a relief for John as he hadn’t found any comfortable place to sit. He was still in his human abode (home) and no furniture was designed for a spider or an ant. Lisa with her lady like gait (walk) quickly moved to her anthill and walked into the hole and sat in it with her head jutting (stick out) out. John climbed a little unsteadily on his web and sat on it. He felt elated (happy) a free feeling against gravitation. He couldn’t believe that he was really in a web. “Hey Rufus, this is indeed a very comfortable place. Thankyou.
I think we need your help in building some webs and anthills. What do you think Spidey?” You are a lucky guy John – the very first spider and ant who has no role in creating their homes. Now you are a spider with a human touch. All laughed. Its a very good idea. I do not want you both uncomfortable. John nodded and smiled.  Then Spidey and Antsy sat on their seats and Rufus continued with his story.
“Seeing me, Sir Bradley’s face lighted. I was a bit relieved because I was not the reason of his anger.” Ah yes Rufus, I’m really in a dilemma (problem). I have been cursed. “What? By Whom? Are you really sure it was a curse?” Yes I’ve been cursed, by a wizard, who owns a rainbow coloured parrot. Immediately I knew who the person was because only one wizard owns it and he was very evil – Rake Ramo. I felt my heart sink. “What curse has he cast upon you sir?”
Its a bit complicated but, it sure is a curse.” He repeated what you are now following. But what got my attention was the reason of the curse. All eyes widened, and John spoke, “I thought it was because my forefather killed his parrot.” No, it was because he had killed the parrot who was going in search of the “Eternal Leaf”. Then I remembered about my leaf I found. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

At that time, the year was 1847, I was a young wizard, just out of school, trying to make a mark for myself. But I knew destiny had brought a turning point in the form of Sir. Bradley. I, with my learner’s mind to overcome any hurdles and to take any risks, wanted to tread (walk) on the dangerous  path which might cross with Rake Ramo. I consoled Sir. Bradley and offered to help him at the very earliest after referring my books. And I took leave of Sir Bradley and returned home with the help of his servant.
When I returned home and the first thing I did was look for the leaf and my magicopaedia. “Magicopaedia?”  John enquired. Ah!
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