Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The First Step-Chapter–7a

Rufus, got up and went to another room and others could hear noises of glass knocking glass and some swishings and chantings. They all waited patiently and Rufus arrived with two small beakers of green and red liquid. So who’s going to be first? “Well ladies naturally”, John interjected (said) jokingly. “But Rufus, they would learn language, but what about manners and behaviours and all? how would they learn it?” That’s why I selected language books, they explain everything, how to sit, how to talk, how to say, etc.. isn’t it? Both Lisa and John nodded.  All these information get into the person’s brain and it would help them act accordingly. “That’s real cool.” Lisa exclaimed.
Rufus placed his beakers on the table and started keeping the books face up and looked at Antsy. She got up and came  towards the table. Rufus extended the red liquid and asked to swallow the potion and immediately afterwards look at the books by touching each book on the cover. By the time you would have swallowed all the languages you have touched and seen.

Antsy looked at everyone and Lisa cheered her up and Spidey got up and came near her. She took the beaker and drank the liquid which was tasteless and she immediately touched and looked on all covers and something started churning (stirring) in her brain. She closed her eyes and then Rufus spoke. Its not yet finished Antsy, you’ll have to drink this too but before that you have to make a promise. All eyes turned to Rufus, a bit surprised.
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