Friday, April 15, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Vault-Chapter–4c

           I think, there’s some mistake Spidey, John spoke. “I’m very sure it is night” Spidey replied.  Immediately the central key turned, bringing relief to all. Well that was forgetful of us. The door opened and to their surprise, a man with a pointed cap, long flowing hair and black robe stood there smiling. “Welcome to my abode.” They looked at each other, surprised. Yes, your forefather, Sir. Bradley Richard asked my help to relieve this family from this curse. It wasn’t very easy because it was cursed by a powerful evil wizard. But you know evil has its perks(gifts) in the beginning but the end would be fatal (deadly).
          How come you are still alive? John enquired and what’s your name? The man smiled and replied, “My name is Rufus and I’m a wizard. Do you remember the parrot your forefather killed? The parrot was actually returning with the leaf of the eternal tree, which gives the person who consumes it everlasting (unending) life. When the bird was shot, the leaf fell on my doorstep in the forest. When I was stepping out for an errand I saw this peculiar shaped and peculiar coloured leaf. I was fascinated, I took it and kept it safely in my potion cabinet. I didn’t know its use. When I returned after my errand, I saw your forefather’s, servants on my door step. He had helped me a lot by allowing me to be his tenant (occupant) on his land, free of cost. I was a bit surprised as I don’t get any visitors. They had brought a horse for me to take me to your forefather, but you know, we people travel only in brooms and to tell the truth, I am a bit frightened of these creatures. So I suggested I would follow them in my broom. But they were not confident with me, so one of the servants placed me with him on his horse. I just held on to the servant for my dear life till the castle.  On reaching I was escorted to Sir Bradley. He was in his most stern countenance (face). I was a bit scared, I had a feeling something ill bode (was coming) me. My heart sank. My thoughts flew back to the day’s work, nothing much was there to think about, as I was in my residence the whole day practising a new art of transformation. Other than that, I went for my evening broom flight, nothing special, swishing around with my broom in the air that’s all.
Oh Sorry, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, all of you, and with his magic wand he waved reciting some magic words and lo behold (O look). All eyes widened. It was a sight INCREDIBLE.....
Just be happy until tomorrow.

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