Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Vault-Chapter–4b

They walked through the hidden passage for some time and reached a door. The door was huge and decorated with a picture of four petalled lotus with some drawings on each petal. There was a key on one petal and John asked Spidey to touch on the key. Spidey did as he was told. Immediately they heard a creek and everybody stepped back.

The key started to turn and it came out just like a small drawer with a paper in it. Spidey took it and opened it and he saw there were some writings in it. Spidey showed it to John and he read it aloud, “Name the day when the golden saucer darkens.” They all looked at each other. Then Lisa spoke, “John, we don’t have any gold saucers here and do you really think that gold darkens?” Well now we’ll have to get the answer or else we won’t be able to open the other locks I feel”, John replied. “Spidey, why don’t you try to touch on another petal? We’ll look whether it would work with your touch again”. Spidey did as he was asked, but nothing happened.

Antsy in her soft voice spoke, I know of only one golden saucer. All looked at her curiously, she smiled a bit uncomfortably and said – “The Moon”. Spidey’s eyes widened and with a smile patted her shoulders and replied, make that two. “Hey! It might be the New Moon.” John shouted. The New Moon? Spidey and Antsy asked together. That very moment a big creaking sound was heard and another petal on the top started turning and a small hand came out with another letter.
Spidey took it and opened it and showed it to John. John read loudly, “When will the queen take her flight?” Well that would take another thinking to find which queen are they talking about? Lisa said confusedly. “Our queen takes the flight during Spring time”, Antsy spoke loudly.

Immediately another petal of the lotus started rotating and a small birds beak came out with a letter in its beak. Antsy fearfully said, “I hope we could answer this one too”. Spidey took the letter and opened it and John read it loudly, “When can you snare a glow worm with a net?” “I have heard fishes being caught in a net but glow worms! Its the weirdest question I’ve heard in my entire life”, John said. Well from now on, you would love to do that John. Spidey replied smilingly. John looked at Spidey quizzically and then his mouth opened in understanding, “Oh my God! I didn’t think about it. Oh yes! -The Web. Its the night isn’t it? John asked. But nothing turned. They all looked bewildered(frightened) at each other.
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