Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Vault-Chapter–4a

They were stunned by the revelation. Spidey woke up from his trance(spell) and spoke, “that’s indeed good news. Now we have company.” They all looked at Spidey, and John asked, “For What?” Well our stepping into the steeple has activated lots of things around and I feel the cursed magician has arrived. “Oh My God!” exclaimed Lisa. “What will happen now John?” Spidey replied, “It’s better we don’t conclude anything for now. John, you told about some magic potion, which we have to drink. Why don’t we first complete our dinner and we proceed to look into it?” All nodded and trooped back to the dining table and everybody finished their dinner immersed in their own thoughts.

                   After dinner John directed to follow him. They were brought to his room. It was very spacious room with a connected study room too. He went to his bedroom and opened a closet where he kept his dresses. He slowly moved his dresses to one side and a small lever (handle) was protruding (sticking out) from the wall and he asked Spidey to use force on the lever downwards.

 Spidey did as he was asked and immediately with a small noise the wall separated, it opened into a passage which started to light when Spidey stepped into it.  Seeing the creepiness of the place, Antsy felt like returning back to the safety of her room, she couldn’t believe that she once lived in such places.

            But as for John and Lisa, they felt comfortable, the darkness and musty (stuffy) smell gave them a feeling of home and Lisa voiced her appreciation of the place. “John, I think I’ll use this place to live from now on. I feel so odd to be up in my rooms. I am not even comfortable there, what do you think?” That would be wonderful as for me, I’m of the same opinion. So now I’ve company. Spidey and Antsy looked at each other, they knew how these places felt, they smiled and continued their way. The path was wide and the stairs were made of slabs of stone.

 “This place had been kept a secret as we didn’t want to lose the magic potion and the magician itself had installed it here and magically closed it and he had specially mentioned that no one would be able to open it other than the persons who activated the steeple. My forefathers had tried and I was no saint either, I too tried once. But  of no use. It didn’t budge (move).
              Be happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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