Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Back in Action-Chapter–6c

That’s good Antsy, I think you are the right person to help Ramo, Rufus spoke with excitement. “Really? I can do something for Ramo?” Yes, but we need a kid too. “ Oh!, that’s easy, we can get the help of Roby. He would do anything for us. He is a very intelligent boy.” John replied. OK. that’s settled continued Rufus. Now Antsy, I know you don’t know to speak properly human language as you were an ant, so by tomorrow, I want both Spidey and Antsy to learn the language completely.
“But that’s impossible!” Lisa exclaimed. Yes I know, but I have already prepared the memory potion and language potion while I was hiding here, it won’t be difficult for you two to learn the language and memorise it. But the only difficulty is it, you will have to drink the language potion  in front of the language book you want to learn and I don't have any language books. “ Is it only one language, they can memorize or multiple languages”, John asked. Well they can learn any number of languages but the only condition is the selected language book should be present in front of them when they drink the potion. “Oh that would be wonderful Antsy!” Lisa exclaimed with excitement. “John, we have lots of language books in our library, why don’t we show them?” Hmm, but before that, I would like to ask Spidey and Antsy, which language they want to learn. Both Spidey and Antsy looked bewildered (confused) at each other.
Oh Sorry! I totally forgot, then I’ll suggest that we teach all the languages, which I have learned Rufus, anyway, they are going to stay here from now on. Rufus, what should I do? Well for the time being, nothing. We are going to check your house, just say which room is your library, O.K?
Rufus with his magic wand touched the mapadometer on the castle and immediately they were in the castle with large spacious rooms and one by one they started moving from porch to the drawing room and then John started directing Rufus to the exact location of the library and when they reached there he directed to the exact shelves and drew out 5 books from different shelves and all the books fell on to the table of Rufus. “Its really unbelievable. Its indeed magic, Lisa spoke with awe (admiration).”

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