Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Back in Action-Chapter–6b

That’s strange. How come my legs are unable to move? Ramo thought. He tried to get up, but crashed on to the floor with the bag, scattering all the things. Seeing the tragic scene the ladies, both Lisa and Antsy were shocked.
He was trying to get up but no use. Ramo started dragging himself across the floor to his bedroom. He was heartbroken. He hadn’t anybody to help him and no one knew about his problem. Tears started rolling from his eyes. He was crying loudly, “What am I going to do? There are no friends for me, only foes (enemies). I was thinking of only myself. Now look where it has ended. Please God send someone to help me.”
Hearing someone crying Spidey looked around to see the ladies crying much more harder than Ramo. “Well! Well! Ladies have started their weeping” Come on Lisa, you know, its his own fault. Don’t think about it, just leave it.” John spoke consolingly. But Rufus replied, if no one is going to help him he is going to die of starvation (hunger). As I told you I can see the future. Only you people can help him. I don’t think  that he would welcome my company or else I could have gone there.
Spidey was surprised to see Antsy crying with tears. “Antsy,  are you really crying and with lots of tears ? Its a miracle isn’t it?” Antsy just smiled weakly and shook her head feeling a bit embarrassed. In our colony, we don’t live like this man, alone. Seeing his situation, I couldn’t bear his loneliness. Now he is sick too. How are we going to help him Rufus? I would like to help him. But I do not know how?
All eyes turned on Antsy, surprised. In my colony I was a worker, we always do lots of work. It doesn’t matter what. We don’t sit idly and we are happy to work. Rufus, scratched his long beard thinking of a way to reach Ramo. And then he got the very best idea, he could think of.
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