Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Back in Action-Chapter–6a

                      I’m going to check where our enemy Ramo is.  Lisa felt very cosy in her anthill and she was trying to stay wide awake in her nook. She really felt like being there in her anthill forever and ever, transforming to a lady was not a very nice thought but circumstances forced her to go along with the plans of others.
               Rufus took his mapadometer and started chanting magic words over it and touched his wand on a location and immediately as if in a big screen on the wall, came to life a forest with birds chirping as it was time for their sleep. And in the middle of this activity, in a small chimney house Ramo was training a rainbow parrot to pick only the leaf from an assortment (variety) of things spread on a table. All looked surprised. But for Rufus, he  felt very sad about it. He was thinking of the hardships Ramo has to overcome to train this parrot from scratch (the very beginning) and he was also wonderstruck to see how much Ramo was focused on his aim. He would have got his infinity leaf, if he had not been such cruel and cheating personality.
             Then suddenly Ramo looked up as if sensing that someone was watching him, but he found nobody around. After arriving this morning, nothing seemed to go right for me, Ramo thought. This place is not for me. I don’t like this place. But its only in this forest that I could find the rainbow parrot. But what use? Last time I missed the infinity leaf by a hairline. I had seen the leaf in the beak of the parrot but, when the bird was shot, it got lost in the forest. Where do I search for it? I really cursed the man. I don’t remember whom? Anyway, this time I’ll make sure that I don’t miss the opportunity of having the infinity leaf. With a sigh, Ramo gathered all things from the table into a bag. And he got up from his position. But he couldn't move.
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