Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–A New Beginning-Chapter–3c

It was Robin, the little neighbour friend of John and Lisa. Spidey, looked up to see the white faced 8 year old boy. John stood up and walked towards Roby. Seeing a huge spider coming towards him, Rob fell down unconscious. Spidey immediately took the little boy in his hands and laid him on the nearest couch. John asked Antsy to bring some water and Spidey sprinkled on Roby’s face as instructed.
Clear little blue eyes looked straight into the very black concerned eyes of Spidey. “Hello little friend, how do you feel now? Roby jumped out from the couch seeing all the four around him. He, in a small voice called out, “Uncle John, Where are you?” I’m here Roby. Hearing the familiar sound from the mouth of the huge spider, he couldn’t control his shock. He cried out, No! this can’t happen. Uncle John, Uncle John, what happened? Tears started rolling down the little face and he slowly went near John and touched his leg. 

 Uncle John put one of his legs on Roby’s head and spoke. “Don’t cry, my child. It’s O.K. Uncle John would be here always for you. But you would have two more friends too. Why don’t you meet, Spidey and Antsy?” Roby turned towards Spidey and his eyes widened. “But uncle John, he looks exactly like you. Is he your twin?” No Roby, it’s a long story. Why don’t you join us for dinner?

 “No uncle John. I came to say that a small hut grew out of the ground in the forest.” Spidey and Antsy inhaled, John and Lisa became still, Everybody couldn’t contain their surprise, unknowing the reaction Roby continued “ Today while I was playing with my Rambo. I lost the ball in the bushes and we were searching, when suddenly I heard a sound. I was so frightened that I just jumped on to the nearby tree and you would not believe it, uncle John, a small hut with a crooked  chimney started coming out of the ground. It was so frightening, that I stayed there on the tree itself. After sometime the door and windows came to sight. Then the whole hut could be seen and  I could hear some sounds too."
"I waited, after some time I saw a small man with a pointed black cap with curved nose and long flowing hair wearing a dark robe came out of the house with a broom. He was very ugly. He didn’t look anywhere, he recited something and sat on the broom and he started flying and I saw it came in this direction. “Did he come here, Uncle John? Is it he who changed you, Uncle John? John couldn’t believe his ears.

 “Uncle John I’ll have to go. Mom would be worried. I have been out in the forest for sometime. Bye uncle John, Bye Uncle Spidey. But uncle John where is Lisa?” I’m here, Roby. Hearing the noise from the other creature, Roby spoke, “Uncle John, “It sure is weird (odd). When did you both change into these creatures? I’ll come back tomorrow, Uncle John, Lisa, Spidey, Antsy bye.” Not waiting for a reply, Roby scampered (ran) out of the house.
                 They all looked at each other unable to speak.

Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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