Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–A New Beginning-Chapter–3b

Antsy couldn’t believe her ears, she was hearing the ants talking. Antsy searched with her sense of smell and found a small hole, in which the ants have made a colony. Her eyes filled with tears of happiness. She was indeed not alone. She with her fingers knocked on the floor and spoke with the workers. To her surprise, they replied. She couldn’t contain her happiness.
            She crouched(half sitting) near the floor, to see clearly her family. She bade(said) them goodbye and joined Spidey who was watching this excited communication with a smile. He opened the door and saw John and Lisa in the far corner of the living room. They joined them. “John, do you think we could get something to eat? We have been eating like spiders and ants. but now I feel it's not sufficient .” Well that’s easy to rectify(set right), Lisa rang the bell and they moved to the dining room.
              To their surprise, the food was served from one end of the table to the other which was a metre and a half long. Spidey and Antsy just gaped at this scene and couldn’t even budge(move) from their spot as it was the first time, they were going to eat a human meal. Seeing the quantity of food they had to eat made them root to the spot. John! Do we really have to eat so much to fill our stomach? Lisa spoke, “No Spidey, here we don’t prepare for only one person, we eat together, some people eat a lot and some would eat only little. And the balance which comes would be used for other preparations and for servants and animals.
        But this is indeed a lot for us, don’t you think? Well, yes, we didn’t know, what your likings were, so we thought to prepare some of everything which we liked. And I hope you would like it too. Welcome to the world of humans to you both. They gathered towards the dining room and John pulled the chair for Spidey at the head of the table and Antsy sat to his left. John and Lisa sat at his right. They began with starters of Smoked salmon with soda bread. Lisa explained the food is made of Salmon,  a type of fish that lives in seas and oceans and it has been prepared with honey and pepper which could be eaten with bread.
“Spidey, why don’t you use your hands for now. There would be a teacher who would come for you to teach everything later.” Spidey and Antsy did as they were told and took both their hands and dipped it into their plates. John in his smooth way told them to take a little food to their mouth and bite it and chew it and swallow it. They continued till they finished their course and  looked up to see John and Lisa not eating. “John, Lisa don’t you think you should eat with us?” Er... We’re sorry, we cannot eat as you people. We are not human beings.
            “Nonsense, Spidey served the food on a plate for both of them and they both stooped (bent down) towards the plate and started eating the food John injecting his venom and liquidifying his food and drinking it and Lisa with her mandible (mouth part of an ant to cut food)cut his food and ate it with her mouth. At that moment they heard a clatter behind.
Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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