Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–A New Beginning-Chapter–3a

          Antsy raised her eyes to Spidey and let out a long breath. She had a small smile playing on her lips. Spidey, seeing her expression, couldn’t predict what her response would be. But she was really beautiful, if her energy and attitude as an ant is still there then she would be a winner. She can do any jobs in a jiffy(moments). “Spidey, don’t blame yourself, for all that has happened, we both know, it was not our doing. It just came our way and we followed it. But I want to thank you for not leaving me. I was and am really scared, Spidey. Now I do not have a family and you are indeed my partner. We are grown up adults now in this human world and we just cannot walk around like children and I would like to have you as my guardian. But I have one request, Spidey quirked an eyebrow “I would like to keep my name, pleaaase.”
          Spidey smiled as he was also planning to do the same, “That’s good, just imagine the confusion that occurs when we switch(exchange) names. I am really glad, Antsy, that you are just the same and it’s good that your thinking faculties(abilities) are intact(undamaged).”  Antsy smiled. Spidey continued, “But there is a big problem, we have not yet solved it- The Riddles.
           We will have to answer the riddles. But how would we do it? We do not know anything of this world, except for our life history and culture? I really need your help, we could do anything if we are together. I hope John and Lisa could help us.”
          “So what next?” How about some food? I’m really feeling hungry. Spidey playfully asked, “Why don’t we catch another Bumble Bee? What an adventure, wasn’t it?” Antsy smiled and shook her head. In fact she was feeling famished(very hungry)too. “What are we going to eat? How do we do it?” What do you think our tastes would be Spidey?” We’ll wait and see smilingly Spidey stood up and Antsy followed, walked together to the door. At that moment they heard it.
                    Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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