Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures of Spidey - Chapter - 1c

          Thus the two friends, started their journey to the unknown. They had walked a long distance and Spidey was feeling a bit  shaky due to hunger. Suddenly, Spidey saw a bee hive on a tree branch.  “Antsy, why not we rest here for a while? I’ll just weave a web and try to catch a bee, so that we can have some food. Or else I’ll just fall dead.” Oh! I’m sorry Spidey, I didn’t think that you hadn’t eaten anything. OK. Go ahead. I’ll just look around, if there is anything I could find for you and me. "But don’t go too far hmm", so saying Spidey moved up the tree and quickly started weaving his web. 
          He wove it very fast between two branches and waited for his prey.  He looked down, to see what Antsy was doing. He saw that she was slowly climbing up the tree with a small half dead bee in her mouth. With a smile he saw her progress, the bee was more heavier than her but still she was dragging it up. He slowly came down his dragline and stopped near Antsy. “Hey Ants, don’t you think its heavy?” “Spidey, what do you think of me? We can carry twenty times more than our weight.”  Really? I didn’t know that. “Well a seven year old child if she has my energy and my attitude, she would be able to carry a car.” Wow! That’s information.
             So why don’t we have our lunch? “O.K” The ant kept the food near the spider and waited. Spidey eyed her, it was the first time he had company for dinner. Antsy, I have a problem, I cannot eat food like you. I have to inject the venom (poison) and kill the bug and then I will have to inject the venom and the venom turns the insides of the bug into liquid and I drink the liquid. “Oh, its OK. I have an idea, I’ll break the food. I’m good at doing it, we have lots of ants to feed in our colony and we have to share it. Or else they will throw us out. We cannot live alone.
              When you live in a society, we have to take care of the feelings of others, when in family, there are parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, etc.. if we think of only ourselves we will not have any friends. Its good to care others and sharing is the best way to show - we care." Antsy, you are a very nice ant. For me, I did not have to share with anybody. I live alone in my web. This is the first time I am talking to another living being other than spiders. But anyway I’m happy I met you. “Enough talking, I have broken the food for you. I don’t need much. Come on start eating. I do not want to see you dead."  The spider injected its venom into the half dead bee and waited for the venom to work the insides of the bee and when it turned into liquid, she drank it with its straw from the mouth.
                 But Antsy didn't feel like eating, she just chewed her bee slowly thinking of her family. “Would they know that she was missing?” She felt lost and at that time looked at Spidey, who was checking his dragline, unaware of Antsy’s thoughts, but he too was  thinking, “ Lucky to find Antsy. I just cannot imagine how I would miss her if she really finds her colony. Oh Well, since its not happened, its better to enjoy her company. Suddenly a wild shaking of his web woke him up from his thoughts and it shook Spidey too. Seeing this heavy movement Antsy grabbed Spidey, so as not to let him fall off the tree, but all of a sudden they were airborne (flying).
              Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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