Friday, April 8, 2011

Adventures of Spidey-In the Steeple-Chapter–2c

      “What is it?” asked Spidey. The potion is in a chest and it is magically locked. You will have to solve three riddles in order to open it. The question is unknown to us too. The question arrives, when the iron rod in the steeple gets magically activated. We’ll go look in the chest room, where the potion is kept. “One moment John, what will happen of you and about us? How long have we to be in such a state?”
          I am sorry to say Spidey, we are changed forever and in our state only fate decides. We cannot return to our previous person. Since you have got my shape and Antsy, Lisa’s, it would be better that we exchange our names too and don’t worry about public appearances,  we were always afraid of the curse, our family decided to have no public contact at all. Now it’s happened, the rod is now turned back to concrete steeple relieving us from the curse. But about us we are not sure because we all know that we are not human or insect/arachnid (eight legged living beings). Seeing us out in the open will frighten others. If you would allow us to stay here we would be grateful and we would like you both to have our castle, since it’s not fair as all these happened due to our forefather and he in his will has specified to transfer all our assets in your name.
          But what do we do with it? Your forefathers had worked hard to get all these for you and you took care of it until now and then you give it without any fight, it’s not right. In our culture, we don’t overtake others territory for no reason and we don’t feel very comfortable taking all you owe, just like that. We would like to keep it as it is and we both would do everything in our ability that no harm comes to you and will make sure that you have all the comforts, as you are new to this insecting world.” Antsy nodded at Spidey.
          John, I would like to talk to Antsy as we had just met as humans, when you arrived. And these things do not happen even accidentally to us. So could you give us some time? Oh, Sorry, Spidey, there is the library to the left. You can use it to talk privately.
            Spidey took hold of Antsy and followed John to the library. It was a spacious well lighted room, the walls were oak panelled,  with shelves of books  all around, a table and a heavily cushioned wooden revolving chair in the middle and four leather cushioned chairs near the windows. Spidey directed Antsy to the chairs near the window.
          Antsy hadn’t the courage to face the truth, she just looked unseeingly through the window. She couldn’t believe that she had been an ant just this morning. She didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, but at least she was not alone in this dilemma (problem).
            “Antsy, I’m really sorry, that you had to go through this. I didn’t mean to put you in all these troubles. But whatever happened has happened, now we cannot undo it. And I want you to speak to me. What do you think? How do you feel about it? I really want to hear from you. We are partners for life, remember?” Antsy smiled. It felt like ages, since that conversation. But at least, Spidey was the same. He remembered everything. “And I really want your help in solving this. Come on Ants, you just cannot sit there like that?”

          Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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