Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adventures of Spidey-In The Steeple-Chapter–2a

          Spidey couldn’t believe himself that he was flying, and without any strain(hard work) from his part, luckily Antsy was holding him tightly. Hoping to see what was happening, he looked up to see himself being taken by a Bumble Bee. It had got entangled in his web accidentally and it ripped off his web and now he really prayed that nothing happens to Antsy, they both have been jumping from one misfortune to another. He looked down and saw that Antsywas holding him tightly for her dear life. Suddenly they were nearing a forest area and the Bumble Bee started slowing down. Hoping that he would entangle in a tree, he made sure that he held Antsy tightly and from nowhere a steeple rose from the forest and immediately the bumble bee swerved (turned sharply) but the flying web got caught in that Steeple. The web, Antsy and Spidey safely stuck, the bumble bee flew away.
          Antsy couldn’t believe that she really flew in air. She felt that today was her day for flying. But where were they now? “Spidey, do you know where we are?” Spidey just shrugged. He hadn’t any idea of what to do. But he was happy that Antsy was not winded (breathless) by this escapade(adventure). She was just her normal self looking around the area they were stuck and Spidey too joined her. As they were looking around, they saw a metal rod on the steeple. They climbed on to the rod to see around and within seconds they were  sucked in. He didn’t hear Antsy’s cry and he couldn’t shout too, because his sound too was flying fast with his vocal cords. Spidey fell on a mattress with a big thud and to his surprise he was transformed.
          Transformation is a natural process for him but most of his species had transformed into spiders very young and his process had already finished but now he has been transformed a second time and that too into a human being! – A Maaaaan! without clothes! Spiders usually don’t wear clothes and as he was not expecting any bodily changes with immediate effect, he jadn't thought of dressing up, but whether its destiny or not, it just has happened. There should be some mistake and Spidey called out slowly, “Spiiiiiiiiiiidey, where are you? The voice was coming from the man and that is "ME". A fear rose from his throat, "Oh My God! What am I going to do?". He didn’t know to wear clothes, he didn’t know anything about the rituals of human beings. How am I going to come out of this mess? And where is Antsy?
          He looked around and saw that he was totally alone in a very spacious bedroom with lots of doors. He slowly raised himself from his position to feel his legs and his thought flew back when he was gingerly(cautiously) feeling for his eight legs from the gutter. At that time he had felt lucky not to be a man with two legs and was proud to be a spider. Luckily, he was now not in a gutter but now sadly, he is not a spider. He slowly wobbled (trembling) with his two legs  and he saw himself in a full size mirror. “Not Bad, I’m really, a Man”. But Where is Antsy? Is she still an ant or.....I really hope she too has changed or else, how am I going to find her?
           He opened a door in search of some clothes and to his surprise, two robotic hands pulled him inside and shut the door. Spidey couldn’t believe that he was being transported to the closet, brushed, washed, bathed and passed on to the next room, there he was dressed with all the necessary garments and then he was transported to another compartment for adorning his shoes, watch, cufflinks, sun glasses and tie pin. The door opened and he came out to a very big drawing room and to his surprise, he found a lady with a sky colour long flowing dress, looking out of the window.
            Hearing the vibrating footsteps, she turned around and watched him with fear filled with eyes. But Spidey, couldn’t contain his worry. He asked, “Is that you Antsy?” Tears of relief flowed from her eyes. She just ran to him and hugged him tightly and cried, “Oh God, I really thought I was lost again , Spidey, please don’t leave me again”. But his spider senses began to tingle and he looked around and his eyes widened when he saw the incredible sight.
          Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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