Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventures of Spidey-In the Steeple -Chapter-2b

               One of the biggest creatures with ferocious eyes all over the head and it was the same height as Spidey and it was walking on eight legs. Eight Legs! My God its a Spider!  Spidey, in his entire lifespan hadn’t seen such a big spider. It walked gracefully. Beside the spider, walked a big ant. It was a bit smaller than the spider. But the weird(strange) part is, they were dressed like human beings. He couldn’t understand why they were there in this big castle with extensive grounds. Though he had been a spider, Spidey got this creepy feeling when he saw these creatures together. They were coming to him. He slowly nudged Antsy. She looked up and her eyes widened when she saw the two big creatures. A lightning of fear passed through her spine.She just held on to Spidey, lest(in case) they do any harm.

          But to their surprise, the creatures came near them and spoke, “Hello Spidey, Hello Antsy, How do you do? They both gaped(standing open mouthed) at them trying to understand why these creatures are talking in human language and welcoming them with their names, just like old friends? Spidey, controlling his creepiness asked, "Excuse me, have we met before?" The spider extended his front leg and said, “No we haven't met before. I’m John and this is Lisa. I know you are wondering what’s happening here. This place is my forefathers and this house was built way back in the 17th century. This whole area and the adjoining forest is our property. We had it in our family for generations.
          The story of this situation begins, when one of our forefathers went for hunting, he accidentally killed a parrot of an evil wizard(male magician). He not only killed it, he fed it to his dogs too. The wizard saw his pet’s fate in his magic mirror. This parrot was on a special errand for the wizard - to bring a leaf from the eternal tree from the forests of Botswana, to bring eternal life for the wizard. Only this parrot knew about the whereabouts (location) of the tree. But unfortunately, it met its death on its way from the hands of my forefather. The wizard got furious (very angry).
               He set out  immediately on his magic broom to avenge his loss. He rotated this castle three times and with his magic wand, touched the tip of the steeple and immediately it changed into a magic iron. If any living being of opposite genders comes together and steps on the steeple, they will be sucked into this castle and would be transformed into humans living here. And the humans would change into the creatures that has stepped on it. But until now, we hadn’t had the mishap of transformation. But we knew that someday it’ll happen. The only chance to step on it together of two genders were birds. But the steeple was too slender for any two living birds to step on it together, we were not concerned about it.

          “But how did you know our names?” That was easy, when we transform, we get a little of your intelligence, experiences and behaviour. So we knew who you were. Spidey with difficulty swallowed this information and slowly spoke, “We got your body for sure. But what are we going to do with it? We do not even know, how to talk, how to eat, or how to hunt or  to be truthful, about anything that you people do. How are we going to survive?”
          That is where this curse ends. You will have to start from the beginning. Start from Kindergarten. Its a school where children go before six years. When you start there you’ll be transformed into a small kid. The studying period of a human being is fifteen years. Since Its a curse, the speed with which you learn, would make you grow and  you will be able to go to higher classes. It doesn't matter whether it takes only days or weeks.  We are all  tied to it . But one thing I have got to say, don’t worry about years because when my forefather came to know about the curse, he went to a rival wizard . The wizard couldn't undo the curse and it could be broken only when it has run its course but to help reduce the time period, he gave a potion, to finish the studies very quickly, but on one condition.
          Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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