Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adventures of Spidey - Chapter 1a

            I think I'll have to risk start writing and I would like to begin with a children's story. Today I’m going to start a new adventure series of a spider. I hope you'd like it but do suggest on ideas of what should the adventure be too.
              A little spider name spidey lived in a nook of a house in a rural area, unseen by anyone in the wash basin cabinet under the wash basin. Everyday he heard some noise on the  basin, sometimes very noisy and continued for a long time, sometimes for just short periods. But he didn’t know it was the water falling, but he was used to it and he didn’t question anyone. He had lots of insects near his web (house of a spider) and he didn’t had to worry of vacuum cleaners or brooms coming to his place and demolish his web. He usually made small web swings from one end of the hose to the other, to the L shaped PVC to the T shaped PVC pipe. He just grew slowly.
          One day he heard the falling noise the whole night. He got curious what the commotion was  all about and slowly he walked out of his web. He made a dragline(This is a rope-like web that helps the spider climb back home if they fall or let themselves drop) and slowly came down and went through the small crevice(gap) of the kitchen cabinet and saw it was totally dark in the kitchen too. He walked towards the noise and slowly climbed the cabinet door and to the edge of the wash basin. He felt something cold on him, it was the first time, something cold fell on him and he was looking at it when another big drop of water fell on him and  he slipped into the water. He was caught in the whirl of water and was funnelled into the hose which leads to the waste water world  and spidey was shocked with the force and the rotation of the water and he just got knocked all over the place. He felt that his life is going to end. But luckily the ride was not long. He fell into the pool of waste, got immersed in the water for a second and he came up leaving him with other food materials and leaves and some stones and sands. He slowly got hold of a small stone and he tried to stand on the stone and wiped his face, his eight eyes and his body with eight legs, well it tasted different- a rotten taste. He got up slowly, checking whether he hadn’t broken any bones of his legs. Since he had eight legs,  he had to ensure all eight walked properly. “Well, I’m lucky I have eight legs, just imagine the humans who have only two, they will have to get extra two sticks as they call crutches if they break their leg, Lucky me.”he thought. 
          Spidey slowly walked towards the shore and looked around. There were trees all around and a dark reddish brown ant came that way, it was the first time that he saw an ant such big. At home he saw only the small type and they were not that frightening but seeing the ant eyeing him he started to feel his heart beat vigorously, 250 beats per minute. And he started backing up slowly and was about to turn when the ant with his body started beating the ground as ants do not talk with their mouth like humans and the spider understood that it was saying something to him, since spidey knew the language , as he too  communicated with the body language, so the ant was asking, “Hey you! Where are you going?” Spidey couldn’t believe his ears, an ant speaking to him and that too very kindly? “Well sir, my name is Spidey and I accidentally fell into this water and I am not sure where I am, I just got out of this water. ” “Oh, not again! It always happen here in this water. Most of the insects are prone to get a dip in it and some of them would be dead, but you are lucky that you are alive. If you want I really can help you, “My name is Antsy and I’m a Red Imported Fire Ant. I live in the nearby colony. All my family lives there, if you want I can take you there or else I’m going in search of food because I’m a worker and I have to do my duty. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stop you. If its O.K with you I would like to come with you". But before going can I ask you something? Don’t you think that you should inform your family that there would be a flood here soon? And your colony (house of ants) could be immersed in it?
                                                                      To be contd.... 
              Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.


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