Friday, April 29, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Forest-Chapter–8b

It was a treasure house, full of interesting articrafts. All were connected to magic. Both Antsy and Roby heard with a start the wail from inside and they moved quickly towards the sound and there lay an old man with closed eyes and  parched lips with a parrot on a perch.
          Antsy suddenly felt very sympathetic towards the man. She knew immediately, who it was because she had seen this room yesterday in Rufus’ mapadometer. She hesitantly started moving towards Ramo but she felt the pull of Roby in her hand but she just continued to go towards Ramo. As she neared, she called Ramo by  name and he opened his eyes with fright.
          “Who the hell are you? And how did you come inside?”, asked Ramo angrily. Roby cringed at the ferocity of the question, but Antsy replied boldly. I’m sorry sir, we didn’t know, we had disturbed you. We heard you cry and we came to help. Roby nodded. But if you don’t need any help, then we’ll leave. Have a nice day and Antsy immediately turned around pulling with her Roby.
          Oh! stop. Please do not go. I’m really feeling hungry and I can’t move. I think my legs are paralyzed. Antsy hid her smile as she had already seen, what had happened and then an idea occurred to her. She said, “I know, you were paralyzed when you were training your parrot, isn’t it? Ramo’s eyes widened as Antsy had indeed piqued his curiosity.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Forest-Chapter–8a

          It was so beautiful that Antsy couldn’t contain her excitement in seeing such rainbow beauty in a single tree. She started singing so beautifully that Roby just gaped at the beauty of the sound and the uniqueness of the sound. Antsy started picking up flowers from the tree but all of a sudden the tree started transforming into a house with chimney.
          Both Roby and Antsy were startled (shocked) to see a transformation taking place in front of their eyes and they immediately moved back. The tree was completely transformed and then they heard a cry from inside the house. Both Antsy and Roby looked at each other. Rambo started barking violently. Roby took hold of Rambo’s collar and slowly started moving towards the house and knocked at the door. Antsy in her sweet little voice called out, “Helloooooo is anybody home?” The wailing stopped and Antsy repeated, “Helloooo”. Then a weak sound replied, “Yes, Please Help Me!” Antsy, tried to pry open the door, but it was no use. It was locked from inside. Antsy called out, “Hello sir, I can’t open the door.” Then the weak sound replied, “Please use the two stones placed on the door step on either side and knock it together thrice, then you will be able to open the door. But make sure you keep it back safely. Antsy did as she was told and to her great surprise, the door opened without any noise. But the inside of the house was simply fantastic.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The First Step-Chapter–7d

“Hey Aunty, do you like this place?” Yes. this is my first experience to see the world from above. Its really beautiful. I usually see only the things nearest to earth. And I’m really happy to be a human being.
          “Aunty, what would you like to play?” Well, that you have to teach me because, I haven’t played, we only work and work and sleep. “But That’s terrible. Its so boring.” Now I understand, why human beings have so much waste everywhere. They always like to sit and enjoy. I cannot imagine how much food you prepare and how much you waste. For us, we always store it for future use. But now I’m no different, look I’m enjoying with you Roby by just walking. Roby smiled and threw the ball for Rambo to catch.
          They walked for a while talking, this and that and suddenly, there in front of them a tree filled with flowers of different colours rose.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The First Step-Chapter–7c

         Sun rose with its usual majesticity (royally). Antsy woke up with a start as she was not used to lying on a mattress. It was luxury that man doesn’t know the value about. She got up humming to herself some very good tune, unaware. She completed her morning rituals and took a shower, changed and walked out of her room with music in her step. She didn’t know why, but she knew that she was happy. She walked to the garden, smelling fresh blossoms and suddenly, someone spoke from behind, “Aunt Antsy”, Antsy wide eyed turned around to see little Roby standing there shyly, with his ball. He had a baseball cap on his head and wore a Red Jersey and black shorts.

Seeing her visitor, Antsy was surprised, but she didn’t show it. “Oh Hello Roby, it’s really good to see you so early. I was really thinking of you.” Reaaaaaallly? You’re not joking, are you? I really wanted to ask some help from you Aunt Antsy. I hope you don’t mind me calling Aunt. “Oh its OK, Roby, to tell you the truth, you are the first person to call me aunt and I’m really happy to be your aunt. So what help do you need from me?” Well since I can’t see anyone around, I wanted to ask you, would you mind accompanying me to the forest. You know, I usually play at this hour with my pet dog. But yesterday I saw a house come up just like that from the ground and there was a man in it too. So I’m frightened to go, but my dog Rambo won’t allow me to sit at home. So I’m forced to ask your help, as no other person around has woken up.
“Oh! that would be wonderful. I heard your story yesterday and I really wanted to investigate (inspect) how come a house sprouts from the ground.” That’s cool Aunt Antsy, even me too. But you know, if my mom comes to know, I’ve gone into the woods, she would really get angry, If you are there then its OK for me. I won’t get scared (frightened). Antsy hid her smile at Roby’s seriousness. And they set out Antsy, Roby and Rambo.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The First Step-Chapter–7b

          Your life as a human would be complete in all sense by drinking this potion. You would now be a normal person. You won’t have any problem in  following human custom. But this should be a secret. You should not by any means tell it to anyone that you have been transformed by magic even if it costs your life or else it would have a lot of consequences (problems).
          “I promise”, Antsy replied with a bit of surprise but didn't question it. Rufus extended his green liquid and Antsy drank it. It had a soft and mellow taste. She was asked to sit and all waited for her reaction. But nothing happened. Then Rufus turned back to his room and brought another two beakers of red and green potions and it was repeated on Spidey too. He too had the same experience. Both sat there for another five more minutes and then Rufus spoke. So now we’ll have to make plans to help Ramo.
         First thing tomorrow morning Antsy has to go with Roby  and collect some flowers  from the forest near Ramo’s place. But make sure you sing. “Sing? But I can’t sing”, Antsy replied.
          Well now you know to do that. I said to sing because, only singing can attract Ramo's attention. He hates people's voice but he gets attracted very quickly to singers. You have been given all these talents in your potion. So don’t worry. “But how are we going to contact Roby? And what is his role Rufus?” John enquired. Don’t worry about Roby, I’ll bring him to you and his duty is to escort Antsy to Ramo’s place as Spidey cannot accompany Antsy to Ramo because he hates people.  And Antsy, don’t worry about Ramo. He won’t be able to do anything with his magic. He has been invalid for some magic hours. "What is a magic hour?" Spidey enqired. Its two human hours.
          In the magic world, when one is incapacitated for more than one magic hour and haven’t used his wand, he would be deactivated from magic. “But that’s terrible!” Antsy replied. Yes it is. But if he would like to become a wizard, only a perpetual (long lasting) wizard can bring him back to the magic world. “And who is that?” Spidey asked. Well, you can say I’m one of them. But I can bring him back only if Ramo wishes. or else my wand would not have the power to do it on my own will. “Oh!” So for the time being, we’ll disperse and settle for the night in your own rooms. Good Night. And the next instant everyone found themselves in their own respective rooms. Spidey on a web in his room and Lisa in an ant hill, both Spidey and Antsy in their spacious suites.
          Spidey and Antsy had no difficulty in doing their nightly rituals (practices) as a human being and lay down on their mattresses, feeling the comfort of human luxury and thinking what lay in store for them the next day.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The First Step-Chapter–7a

Rufus, got up and went to another room and others could hear noises of glass knocking glass and some swishings and chantings. They all waited patiently and Rufus arrived with two small beakers of green and red liquid. So who’s going to be first? “Well ladies naturally”, John interjected (said) jokingly. “But Rufus, they would learn language, but what about manners and behaviours and all? how would they learn it?” That’s why I selected language books, they explain everything, how to sit, how to talk, how to say, etc.. isn’t it? Both Lisa and John nodded.  All these information get into the person’s brain and it would help them act accordingly. “That’s real cool.” Lisa exclaimed.
Rufus placed his beakers on the table and started keeping the books face up and looked at Antsy. She got up and came  towards the table. Rufus extended the red liquid and asked to swallow the potion and immediately afterwards look at the books by touching each book on the cover. By the time you would have swallowed all the languages you have touched and seen.

Antsy looked at everyone and Lisa cheered her up and Spidey got up and came near her. She took the beaker and drank the liquid which was tasteless and she immediately touched and looked on all covers and something started churning (stirring) in her brain. She closed her eyes and then Rufus spoke. Its not yet finished Antsy, you’ll have to drink this too but before that you have to make a promise. All eyes turned to Rufus, a bit surprised.
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Back in Action-Chapter–6c

That’s good Antsy, I think you are the right person to help Ramo, Rufus spoke with excitement. “Really? I can do something for Ramo?” Yes, but we need a kid too. “ Oh!, that’s easy, we can get the help of Roby. He would do anything for us. He is a very intelligent boy.” John replied. OK. that’s settled continued Rufus. Now Antsy, I know you don’t know to speak properly human language as you were an ant, so by tomorrow, I want both Spidey and Antsy to learn the language completely.
“But that’s impossible!” Lisa exclaimed. Yes I know, but I have already prepared the memory potion and language potion while I was hiding here, it won’t be difficult for you two to learn the language and memorise it. But the only difficulty is it, you will have to drink the language potion  in front of the language book you want to learn and I don't have any language books. “ Is it only one language, they can memorize or multiple languages”, John asked. Well they can learn any number of languages but the only condition is the selected language book should be present in front of them when they drink the potion. “Oh that would be wonderful Antsy!” Lisa exclaimed with excitement. “John, we have lots of language books in our library, why don’t we show them?” Hmm, but before that, I would like to ask Spidey and Antsy, which language they want to learn. Both Spidey and Antsy looked bewildered (confused) at each other.
Oh Sorry! I totally forgot, then I’ll suggest that we teach all the languages, which I have learned Rufus, anyway, they are going to stay here from now on. Rufus, what should I do? Well for the time being, nothing. We are going to check your house, just say which room is your library, O.K?
Rufus with his magic wand touched the mapadometer on the castle and immediately they were in the castle with large spacious rooms and one by one they started moving from porch to the drawing room and then John started directing Rufus to the exact location of the library and when they reached there he directed to the exact shelves and drew out 5 books from different shelves and all the books fell on to the table of Rufus. “Its really unbelievable. Its indeed magic, Lisa spoke with awe (admiration).”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Back in Action-Chapter–6b

That’s strange. How come my legs are unable to move? Ramo thought. He tried to get up, but crashed on to the floor with the bag, scattering all the things. Seeing the tragic scene the ladies, both Lisa and Antsy were shocked.
He was trying to get up but no use. Ramo started dragging himself across the floor to his bedroom. He was heartbroken. He hadn’t anybody to help him and no one knew about his problem. Tears started rolling from his eyes. He was crying loudly, “What am I going to do? There are no friends for me, only foes (enemies). I was thinking of only myself. Now look where it has ended. Please God send someone to help me.”
Hearing someone crying Spidey looked around to see the ladies crying much more harder than Ramo. “Well! Well! Ladies have started their weeping” Come on Lisa, you know, its his own fault. Don’t think about it, just leave it.” John spoke consolingly. But Rufus replied, if no one is going to help him he is going to die of starvation (hunger). As I told you I can see the future. Only you people can help him. I don’t think  that he would welcome my company or else I could have gone there.
Spidey was surprised to see Antsy crying with tears. “Antsy,  are you really crying and with lots of tears ? Its a miracle isn’t it?” Antsy just smiled weakly and shook her head feeling a bit embarrassed. In our colony, we don’t live like this man, alone. Seeing his situation, I couldn’t bear his loneliness. Now he is sick too. How are we going to help him Rufus? I would like to help him. But I do not know how?
All eyes turned on Antsy, surprised. In my colony I was a worker, we always do lots of work. It doesn’t matter what. We don’t sit idly and we are happy to work. Rufus, scratched his long beard thinking of a way to reach Ramo. And then he got the very best idea, he could think of.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Back in Action-Chapter–6a

                      I’m going to check where our enemy Ramo is.  Lisa felt very cosy in her anthill and she was trying to stay wide awake in her nook. She really felt like being there in her anthill forever and ever, transforming to a lady was not a very nice thought but circumstances forced her to go along with the plans of others.
               Rufus took his mapadometer and started chanting magic words over it and touched his wand on a location and immediately as if in a big screen on the wall, came to life a forest with birds chirping as it was time for their sleep. And in the middle of this activity, in a small chimney house Ramo was training a rainbow parrot to pick only the leaf from an assortment (variety) of things spread on a table. All looked surprised. But for Rufus, he  felt very sad about it. He was thinking of the hardships Ramo has to overcome to train this parrot from scratch (the very beginning) and he was also wonderstruck to see how much Ramo was focused on his aim. He would have got his infinity leaf, if he had not been such cruel and cheating personality.
             Then suddenly Ramo looked up as if sensing that someone was watching him, but he found nobody around. After arriving this morning, nothing seemed to go right for me, Ramo thought. This place is not for me. I don’t like this place. But its only in this forest that I could find the rainbow parrot. But what use? Last time I missed the infinity leaf by a hairline. I had seen the leaf in the beak of the parrot but, when the bird was shot, it got lost in the forest. Where do I search for it? I really cursed the man. I don’t remember whom? Anyway, this time I’ll make sure that I don’t miss the opportunity of having the infinity leaf. With a sigh, Ramo gathered all things from the table into a bag. And he got up from his position. But he couldn't move.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5d

          I can foresee all events that is going to happen before hand. I only have to press my wand on the place on the mapadometer to get the events of the place in sequential order. “What is mapadometer?” enquired Spidey. Its a drawing or a picture of a place with lines and colours. We have drawings of all the places of this world and even the smallest detail like forests, streams, churches, dams, etc. are shown clearly in mapadometer.
          “Then how did you solve our great grandpa’s problem?” enquired John. Oh yes. After drinking the potion, I looked at my Magicopaedia, within seconds I found the part I was looking, at that time I didn’t feel anything odd. I knew the curse couldn’t be nullified (cancelled out). I had to find a way to regain the transformed person back to normal person. Spidey and Antsy looked at each other. Yes I know, you both might be wondering what will happen of you. I’m sorry I won’t be able to reverse you back to your former shapes, as you were directly in contact with the steeple and nothing can change it.
          After my findings, I stepped out of my abode to meet Sir. Bradley and I couldn’t open my eyes as the sun shone into my eyes and I had to get inside immediately.  Only then I noticed the changes, the potion was making in me. I was very depressed. I opened my magicopaedia to learn more about the infinity potion and there I found all what I had to know- Advantages and disadvantages of having eternal life. I waited till sundown and went to Sir. Bradley. He was surprised to see me at sun down but he didn’t say anything. But I had to inform him about my problem of being alive for generations ahead. Hearing the news he was very happy. I spoke of my inability to move around during day time and for that he created this room, so that I can see him even during day time without the sun interfering. And he also gave the permission to live here for eternity and I told about your problem too. He promised me that he would do something for you both as you should not suffer for his misbehaviour.

“So you were actually here the whole time?” John asked. Yes. Since I didn’t need any food I didn’t had to cook or search any food and so I enjoy a peaceful life learning new magic tricks, so that the future generation could be of use. “But why did you lock the door like that?” It is to make sure that the exact people has come through the steeple or else the curse would stand and we would not be able to rectify it. Anyway, everything is fine for the time being. Now we have business to complete. First things first.
Have a nice time till tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5c

I’m unable to travel during day time. Hearing it, they all looked at each other. Sensing the tension in the air, he asked, “ Are you all O.K?” We.....llll not exactly, replied John. “Why? What’s the matter?” When we were transformed, exactly at that moment, a house got sprouted in the forest and a wizard flew out from it. “Are you sure?” We are not exactly sure because my little friend Roby was playing there and he saw all these and informed us. He got frightened, seeing us as very big creatures. He might have been confused after all these happenings. Rufus nodded and went into deep thought. All looked worried at each other.
Rufus looked smilingly, then I think we have company. Evil Ramo has arrived back in business. “Ramo?” all chorused together. Yes, Ramo. He might have hibernated with your steeple and when it got activated he too came alive. He was a genius in the art of magic. It took me nearly 2 centuries. But he... Oh wait a minute. He is indeed a genius. I think he had been hibernating for sometime to get this infinity leaf and until now he lost his chance. Now he has arrived again. I think he might have a purpose for this arrival. We will have to check it. But for the time being, we’ll have to stay low. They all nodded in unison.
“So why don’t you continue Rufus? You were saying that you had to sacrifice some good things you had when you were a normal person.” John enquired. Ah. Yes, I don’t have to eat anything as my body rejuvenates (restores) on its own and if ever I feel like eating, thinking of old times, it feels like burnt charcoal. “Oh, that’s so sad, Antsy cried. All agreed. But that’s all for bad things, but I have also got some very good things too, at night I have the vision of an owl and the hearing sense of a cat. My memory is much more advanced. I can learn as fast as my eyes could read. Just reading is enough I can memorize it. I can see the thoughts of other wizards when I’m out of this place. I can understand the language of birds and animals. “Ooooh  that’s cool”, Lisa expressed. But there is one special thing I got which I wouldn’t miss for the world. “What’s that?” John asked.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5b

The Magicopaedia is a book where you can find everything and anything about magic. It  has also the recipes of potion making and also the route map of each and every magic. We cannot get it from any book stores, we get it when we complete our magic studies and if we complete the final test without damage. “Damage?” John asked. Yes we have some very dangerous magic tricks to perform, sometimes we are put in a cage of wild animal or sometimes we have to find a precious stone from a jungle infested with snakes or we will have to close an erupted(exploded) mountain mouth. Its not very easy. “And you did all these?” Yes quite easily. I was one of the favourites in the school.
                 I was a very hardworking person and I wanted to become one of the best magicians. I was a normal person just like everybody else, played, joked, ate, studied, etc.. but I didn’t waste any time. When I sat to study, I studied. When I went for play I played completely, no fighting or cheating. When in front of food, I ate completely without any grumble (complaint). And I usually was a cool person, no fighting with anybody. So I had lots of friends and they too hadn’t any complaints against me. What are friends for? To be friendly, isn’t it? They helped me a lot and my good behaviour in class and in the campus attracted the teachers too. They were kind enough to help me. They gave me special consideration when I asked doubts during class time and after that too. "So without magic, you had the power to attract everybody, eh?" John joked. All smiled.
           Now to the story of your forefather sir, I came home and searched in the book for the genuineness of the “Infinity Leaf”. It was there for sure with the picture of the tree and the leaf too. The tree sprouted once in 300 years and when it sprouts, it becomes a giant tree within a week. It stays there for a year. Only the rainbow coloured parrot can find it. No human can see it directly. It sprouts only in the deepest part of the jungle and it produces a special kind of scent (smell), which attracts only these parrots. But the fruit of the tree is very poisonous. The parrots that eat the fruit immediately die. Only trained parrots can avoid eating fruits. These parrots are trained to pluck only the leaf and not to eat the fruits.

              I think Sir. Bradley was lucky that he was given only a transformation curse. Just imagine, how much time and magic Rake Ramo might have given to that parrot and all the hard work just went off in a second. It's not anybody's fault. Its the nature's law, "Evil attracts Evil and Good attracts Good". Wizard Ramo was the epitome (essence) of evil. So now there's nobody to blame.
           I found the recipe for the magic potion to create the eternal life. I didn't wait a second. That night, I extracted the juice from the leaf and prepared the potion and drank. Now I had all the time in the world to help Sir. Bradley. But with the potion I had to forego (sacrifice) some perks (benefits) which I had when I was a normal wizard. “What is it?” John asked.

Stay happy until tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Flash Back-Chapter–5a

There in front of them were two arm chairs, a web and an anthill. The sight was a relief for John as he hadn’t found any comfortable place to sit. He was still in his human abode (home) and no furniture was designed for a spider or an ant. Lisa with her lady like gait (walk) quickly moved to her anthill and walked into the hole and sat in it with her head jutting (stick out) out. John climbed a little unsteadily on his web and sat on it. He felt elated (happy) a free feeling against gravitation. He couldn’t believe that he was really in a web. “Hey Rufus, this is indeed a very comfortable place. Thankyou.
I think we need your help in building some webs and anthills. What do you think Spidey?” You are a lucky guy John – the very first spider and ant who has no role in creating their homes. Now you are a spider with a human touch. All laughed. Its a very good idea. I do not want you both uncomfortable. John nodded and smiled.  Then Spidey and Antsy sat on their seats and Rufus continued with his story.
“Seeing me, Sir Bradley’s face lighted. I was a bit relieved because I was not the reason of his anger.” Ah yes Rufus, I’m really in a dilemma (problem). I have been cursed. “What? By Whom? Are you really sure it was a curse?” Yes I’ve been cursed, by a wizard, who owns a rainbow coloured parrot. Immediately I knew who the person was because only one wizard owns it and he was very evil – Rake Ramo. I felt my heart sink. “What curse has he cast upon you sir?”
Its a bit complicated but, it sure is a curse.” He repeated what you are now following. But what got my attention was the reason of the curse. All eyes widened, and John spoke, “I thought it was because my forefather killed his parrot.” No, it was because he had killed the parrot who was going in search of the “Eternal Leaf”. Then I remembered about my leaf I found. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

At that time, the year was 1847, I was a young wizard, just out of school, trying to make a mark for myself. But I knew destiny had brought a turning point in the form of Sir. Bradley. I, with my learner’s mind to overcome any hurdles and to take any risks, wanted to tread (walk) on the dangerous  path which might cross with Rake Ramo. I consoled Sir. Bradley and offered to help him at the very earliest after referring my books. And I took leave of Sir Bradley and returned home with the help of his servant.
When I returned home and the first thing I did was look for the leaf and my magicopaedia. “Magicopaedia?”  John enquired. Ah!
Take care and be happy till tomorrow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Vault-Chapter–4c

           I think, there’s some mistake Spidey, John spoke. “I’m very sure it is night” Spidey replied.  Immediately the central key turned, bringing relief to all. Well that was forgetful of us. The door opened and to their surprise, a man with a pointed cap, long flowing hair and black robe stood there smiling. “Welcome to my abode.” They looked at each other, surprised. Yes, your forefather, Sir. Bradley Richard asked my help to relieve this family from this curse. It wasn’t very easy because it was cursed by a powerful evil wizard. But you know evil has its perks(gifts) in the beginning but the end would be fatal (deadly).
          How come you are still alive? John enquired and what’s your name? The man smiled and replied, “My name is Rufus and I’m a wizard. Do you remember the parrot your forefather killed? The parrot was actually returning with the leaf of the eternal tree, which gives the person who consumes it everlasting (unending) life. When the bird was shot, the leaf fell on my doorstep in the forest. When I was stepping out for an errand I saw this peculiar shaped and peculiar coloured leaf. I was fascinated, I took it and kept it safely in my potion cabinet. I didn’t know its use. When I returned after my errand, I saw your forefather’s, servants on my door step. He had helped me a lot by allowing me to be his tenant (occupant) on his land, free of cost. I was a bit surprised as I don’t get any visitors. They had brought a horse for me to take me to your forefather, but you know, we people travel only in brooms and to tell the truth, I am a bit frightened of these creatures. So I suggested I would follow them in my broom. But they were not confident with me, so one of the servants placed me with him on his horse. I just held on to the servant for my dear life till the castle.  On reaching I was escorted to Sir Bradley. He was in his most stern countenance (face). I was a bit scared, I had a feeling something ill bode (was coming) me. My heart sank. My thoughts flew back to the day’s work, nothing much was there to think about, as I was in my residence the whole day practising a new art of transformation. Other than that, I went for my evening broom flight, nothing special, swishing around with my broom in the air that’s all.
Oh Sorry, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, all of you, and with his magic wand he waved reciting some magic words and lo behold (O look). All eyes widened. It was a sight INCREDIBLE.....
Just be happy until tomorrow.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Vault-Chapter–4b

They walked through the hidden passage for some time and reached a door. The door was huge and decorated with a picture of four petalled lotus with some drawings on each petal. There was a key on one petal and John asked Spidey to touch on the key. Spidey did as he was told. Immediately they heard a creek and everybody stepped back.

The key started to turn and it came out just like a small drawer with a paper in it. Spidey took it and opened it and he saw there were some writings in it. Spidey showed it to John and he read it aloud, “Name the day when the golden saucer darkens.” They all looked at each other. Then Lisa spoke, “John, we don’t have any gold saucers here and do you really think that gold darkens?” Well now we’ll have to get the answer or else we won’t be able to open the other locks I feel”, John replied. “Spidey, why don’t you try to touch on another petal? We’ll look whether it would work with your touch again”. Spidey did as he was asked, but nothing happened.

Antsy in her soft voice spoke, I know of only one golden saucer. All looked at her curiously, she smiled a bit uncomfortably and said – “The Moon”. Spidey’s eyes widened and with a smile patted her shoulders and replied, make that two. “Hey! It might be the New Moon.” John shouted. The New Moon? Spidey and Antsy asked together. That very moment a big creaking sound was heard and another petal on the top started turning and a small hand came out with another letter.
Spidey took it and opened it and showed it to John. John read loudly, “When will the queen take her flight?” Well that would take another thinking to find which queen are they talking about? Lisa said confusedly. “Our queen takes the flight during Spring time”, Antsy spoke loudly.

Immediately another petal of the lotus started rotating and a small birds beak came out with a letter in its beak. Antsy fearfully said, “I hope we could answer this one too”. Spidey took the letter and opened it and John read it loudly, “When can you snare a glow worm with a net?” “I have heard fishes being caught in a net but glow worms! Its the weirdest question I’ve heard in my entire life”, John said. Well from now on, you would love to do that John. Spidey replied smilingly. John looked at Spidey quizzically and then his mouth opened in understanding, “Oh my God! I didn’t think about it. Oh yes! -The Web. Its the night isn’t it? John asked. But nothing turned. They all looked bewildered(frightened) at each other.
Have a nice time until tomorrow.




Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–In The Vault-Chapter–4a

They were stunned by the revelation. Spidey woke up from his trance(spell) and spoke, “that’s indeed good news. Now we have company.” They all looked at Spidey, and John asked, “For What?” Well our stepping into the steeple has activated lots of things around and I feel the cursed magician has arrived. “Oh My God!” exclaimed Lisa. “What will happen now John?” Spidey replied, “It’s better we don’t conclude anything for now. John, you told about some magic potion, which we have to drink. Why don’t we first complete our dinner and we proceed to look into it?” All nodded and trooped back to the dining table and everybody finished their dinner immersed in their own thoughts.

                   After dinner John directed to follow him. They were brought to his room. It was very spacious room with a connected study room too. He went to his bedroom and opened a closet where he kept his dresses. He slowly moved his dresses to one side and a small lever (handle) was protruding (sticking out) from the wall and he asked Spidey to use force on the lever downwards.

 Spidey did as he was asked and immediately with a small noise the wall separated, it opened into a passage which started to light when Spidey stepped into it.  Seeing the creepiness of the place, Antsy felt like returning back to the safety of her room, she couldn’t believe that she once lived in such places.

            But as for John and Lisa, they felt comfortable, the darkness and musty (stuffy) smell gave them a feeling of home and Lisa voiced her appreciation of the place. “John, I think I’ll use this place to live from now on. I feel so odd to be up in my rooms. I am not even comfortable there, what do you think?” That would be wonderful as for me, I’m of the same opinion. So now I’ve company. Spidey and Antsy looked at each other, they knew how these places felt, they smiled and continued their way. The path was wide and the stairs were made of slabs of stone.

 “This place had been kept a secret as we didn’t want to lose the magic potion and the magician itself had installed it here and magically closed it and he had specially mentioned that no one would be able to open it other than the persons who activated the steeple. My forefathers had tried and I was no saint either, I too tried once. But  of no use. It didn’t budge (move).
              Be happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–A New Beginning-Chapter–3c

It was Robin, the little neighbour friend of John and Lisa. Spidey, looked up to see the white faced 8 year old boy. John stood up and walked towards Roby. Seeing a huge spider coming towards him, Rob fell down unconscious. Spidey immediately took the little boy in his hands and laid him on the nearest couch. John asked Antsy to bring some water and Spidey sprinkled on Roby’s face as instructed.
Clear little blue eyes looked straight into the very black concerned eyes of Spidey. “Hello little friend, how do you feel now? Roby jumped out from the couch seeing all the four around him. He, in a small voice called out, “Uncle John, Where are you?” I’m here Roby. Hearing the familiar sound from the mouth of the huge spider, he couldn’t control his shock. He cried out, No! this can’t happen. Uncle John, Uncle John, what happened? Tears started rolling down the little face and he slowly went near John and touched his leg. 

 Uncle John put one of his legs on Roby’s head and spoke. “Don’t cry, my child. It’s O.K. Uncle John would be here always for you. But you would have two more friends too. Why don’t you meet, Spidey and Antsy?” Roby turned towards Spidey and his eyes widened. “But uncle John, he looks exactly like you. Is he your twin?” No Roby, it’s a long story. Why don’t you join us for dinner?

 “No uncle John. I came to say that a small hut grew out of the ground in the forest.” Spidey and Antsy inhaled, John and Lisa became still, Everybody couldn’t contain their surprise, unknowing the reaction Roby continued “ Today while I was playing with my Rambo. I lost the ball in the bushes and we were searching, when suddenly I heard a sound. I was so frightened that I just jumped on to the nearby tree and you would not believe it, uncle John, a small hut with a crooked  chimney started coming out of the ground. It was so frightening, that I stayed there on the tree itself. After sometime the door and windows came to sight. Then the whole hut could be seen and  I could hear some sounds too."
"I waited, after some time I saw a small man with a pointed black cap with curved nose and long flowing hair wearing a dark robe came out of the house with a broom. He was very ugly. He didn’t look anywhere, he recited something and sat on the broom and he started flying and I saw it came in this direction. “Did he come here, Uncle John? Is it he who changed you, Uncle John? John couldn’t believe his ears.

 “Uncle John I’ll have to go. Mom would be worried. I have been out in the forest for sometime. Bye uncle John, Bye Uncle Spidey. But uncle John where is Lisa?” I’m here, Roby. Hearing the noise from the other creature, Roby spoke, “Uncle John, “It sure is weird (odd). When did you both change into these creatures? I’ll come back tomorrow, Uncle John, Lisa, Spidey, Antsy bye.” Not waiting for a reply, Roby scampered (ran) out of the house.
                 They all looked at each other unable to speak.

Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.