Saturday, March 19, 2011

Risky Business

            I was of the thought that risks were taken only by doctors, mountaineers, pilots and the zero risk takers were the house wives. But when I became a wife, a mother, a home maker I do not know a day, where I had to forego a risk. Actually to wed itself is a risk, isn’t it? If I had got the boon to see my whole life story of after marriage, like on a television screen when I see my would be groom, I think I would rather become a hermit or a recluse, than to go through the hardships of marital bliss and motherhood. I have a feeling that you too (especially mothers) would be of the same opinion.
                In Indian culture, the husband/fathers are more of the outdoor type, the macho man and the world rotator and the role of wife/mothers are to get to sponge the sweat of toil and use the gifts of toil wisely. This fruits of toil is the risk factor, you know, rotating the earth is not an easy thing and just imagine, after this hard work, if he is not treated properly, what would happen? Easy, I’ll say, he’ll turn the house upside down. Isn’t it? Well and the spouse has to stay cool, even upside down.
                My husband is a person, who doesn’t spend on his personal luxury. And his one drawback is he won’t ask others any help and doesn’t allow me to ask too. His usual mode of conveyance to his workplace is by bus, but for us we have the freedom to use much fancier mode of transportation. One day I asked my husband to bring some oranges from our land. I really wanted to eat some oranges, it just became an obsession, like the craving of the she-crocodile for the heart of the monkey who ate juicy apples. But my husband totally forgot about it and he came empty handed, just imagine the shock I had and the anger that words just stuck in my throat due to tears. But luckily I didn’t speak a word, treated him as usual. He has a habit of talking his days business while having his tea and to my utter horror I came to know, that he had not gone to his land but instead to meet a friend in hospital and returned directly home. By the grace of God, I hadn’t complained anything and to tell you frankly, he was also expecting an explosion. But luckily, I was stopped from talking. You know, its a small act, but it had an immense power in strengthening the bond of our relationship. He felt that I’m a good wife and didn’t nag at him, but now you too know the truth.I have felt that “Faith is the biggest risk of all”.
                I would like to tell a story about a Wife Who Was Full Of Faith. One day there lived a husband named Mark and a wife named Peggy. Peggy was a simple woman, a house wife and who had full faith in Mark. But on the contrary Mark was not faithful to his wife, he had an affair with another woman named Lana, very beautiful and intelligent colleague of his. Mark treated Peggy very badly but treated Lana royally, bought her all things, returned home late, in short he had to sustain two households monthly. Peggy didn’t know about this. She took care of her husband humbly and worked at home like a slave. She had full faith in her husband. She didn’t complain about his late comings or anything. One day, one of Mark’s friends informed her about his wrong doing. Peggy didn’t question about it in the evening, but continued to behave as usual. One day, Mark became so sick that he became delirious and was hospitalized. The wife didn’t leave his side and after one week he returned home. All his colleagues and Lana arrived to meet him at home. The wife received and treated them socially. But Lana just arrived and  sat there speaking to her new colleague who had joined recently, a very good looking, smart fellow. Seeing this, Mark couldn’t digest Lana’s rejection. The delirium was a turning point, the Supreme intervention in both Mark’s and Peggy’s life. Mark literally returned to Peggy, as a very loving husband, returning home at 6. Now they are very happy, living happily. Just imagine the change without a word of complaint. Its incredible isn’t it?
                And as for my oranges, I had to rely on the fruit vendor, a very nice and kind man, who was very generous in giving me very juicy and colourful oranges. Don’t take it in any other sense, OK? And from my experience, one thing I decided, never ask my husband to buy or bring something after work or from work place.  I would rather take the risk of exposing myself to the vendors than brew a third world war in my kitchen. Isn’t it a risky business I’m trying to take on a daily basis? Well, its cool isn’t it. Now I feel I have conquered the Mt. Everest. And each time I bow to the power of our Almighty.
                With all these worldly experience I decided to have my own motto in the kitchen, PATIENCE IS THE BEST TOOL FOR SMOOTH LIFE. You can also borrow it from me, for free. Am I too generous?
                Bye for now and see you tomorrow.

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