Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Love Letter – Part 1

                    My life was shuttled from one boarding to another according to my parents transfers and my brother’s naughtiness. My parents ensured that we study in mixed school as to avoid love affairs and the complications of facing the opposite sex. I think their idea really worked well for me. Since I had been in mixed school from kindergarten there wasn’t any difference between girls and boys. We were all “Friends”.
          And boarding schools are the best place to thrive on intricate details of love affairs and love letters. But unlucky me I didn’t even get a single love letter in my school life and I really wanted to read a love letter because the person who gets it keeps it so secretly (due to fear of the boarding mistress getting hold of it) that any chance of a free read was impossible. My only relief was I had company in that sector too. My friends, (in every school I had 1 Best friend and 2 good friends) after my adolescence were in the same boat as me, we really missed the best part of school and that too from a mixed school. Anyway I couldn’t contain my curiosity that I had to ask my father what matter is written in a love letter, that they go on reading and reading and they smile to themselves and they are just happy all the while.
          Well, my father might have had the shock of life when he had to answer the first question from his adolescent daughter, but at that time I didn’t give much thought of asking it to anybody else. Anyway my dad replied, “Well as far as I know, they write, My heart throb, my shiver of the heart, my smile of my lips,..”. “Daaaaad, are you crazy? In this age do they really write these type of stuff? Gggod what boring, no thanks, I do not want to get such letters, especially with those dialogues.” That was finished and the chapter was closed. My school life came to an all time close.
          I was enrolled in a mixed college and my eyes were silently searching, if there is anyone in this big rush, a person who is eligible to write me a love letter, (sighs)nobody, as they all became my friends. I couldn’t accept them as lovers and our principal and the priest lecturers were so strict in college that I had a feeling school was better than college. Anyway I had more freedom in college too as we were a gang of girls who had no time to mix with boys but with the library books, we devoured all the romantic novels available in the library and get to know the real piece of love. Anyway, it was much more uncomplicated.
          Then one day I went to my cousin’s house for my study leave and there I met Thomas, a 24 year old guy(he is my cousin's uncle). He came to visit his sister, a very busy person. I do not know why, but I had this feeling in the heart just like congestion, difficulty in breathing and a small smile always flickering on my lips (I really tried to wipe it off, thinking of all the others who had got it, but no use, it just stuck there) and we talked and talked and talked. What rubbish we talked I don’t know. Just imagine I’m meeting him the very very first time and I just couldn’t unstuck myself from him, what craziness. I was really feeling odd and it hasn’t happened to me with any boys. Anyway, let it be.
Thomas had come to go immediately, but he stayed there a day and talked. I feel this feeling of congestion was a mutual one. I had to study for my exams, but waste of time, I just closed the book and sat opposite him and talked. He didn’t say anything about love and me too. He left and after some days I left for college, then I knew I had fallen in love with a person I just met for the first time. I might be crazy. But still I felt good. After a month I received a letter from Thomas, I was soooooooooo happy, that at last I received my first love letter at the age of 16 and expectantly I opened it and the letter started, Dear Meena (no hearts and shivers there), I hope you are fine? (that’s a natural question, he’d really like to know, whether I’m healthy) and the letter continues....I really wanted to say that,
          Well I think I’ll have to stop now because that’s not fair to occupy so much of your time. I’ll complete it tomorrow.
                    Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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