Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Best Day Of My Life

          This year I hadn't made any resolutions, for I have been making it from time immemorial and I have not fulfilled any of it and I am no good at keeping it up. So I thought, I'll "do it when I feel it" and that time just arrived.

           Now I know that the days past is just a memory to cherish, the things I did cannot be changed and what is done is done. So I want to begin this day like the new dawn of the just born, with all my faculties intact, gifted by my life director, whom I'll be calling God has given me and with experiences till date and the loving touch of my heart to change myself with the help of the world and the people around . To make a new world where only love and care exists.To bring a small change on a daly basis by an act of kindness from my part , this in turn brings the eternal happiness I crave for. These small acts would be stringed for a better future for me, for the people around and ultimately it transcends to the world around.           I have a very big ambition, to become a simple writer, but there's a problem - I do not know to write. I have thoughts, lots of thoughts going on in my head, just like the African Jungles teeming with ideas and ideas, loads of it but just going to  waste. So I thought I would secretly start a blog and plant my sapling of ambition, so that I can make it grow and grow, till it becomes a very very big tree, which bears lots of flowers and fruits. But that might be for how long I don't care but at least I have to take the first step and that mighty step was taken just today, a momentous day of my life. Do you know why? I didn't procastinate (put off this duty for another day),my one of the other vices, and I am very proud, that I did it. So let me welcome you to my blog, - "My Best Day Of My Life".
          Since I have started with a strong mind, whatever the hurdles, I'll just have to face it and overcome it becuse I have a stubborn streak (another of my vices) in me for all the wrong reasons and I thought I'll put this stubborn streak for a very good purpose, improve myself and that is why I started to be stubborn with my writings. Now I'm channnelising my petty vices into a big BOOOOON - Be a Writer

So bye for now. See you tomorrow, with a very good experience of my day.


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