Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gift From Heavenly Abode

          It happened when I was a wife, I have not become a mother but we had lot of financial constraints and it was with great difficulty that we survived our daily expenses as we had to rely only on farm produce. We had our parents too and there were visitors regularly. So we couldn’t do anything but spend and spend and spend. I didn’t know that we were in real financial crisis. But one day I asked Thomas (my husband) to buy some Ladoos for me. I was expecting a 10 piece packet at the minimum, so when he returned home after shopping, he with a broad smile gave me a small packet. I thought it was a surprise gift, and I was surprised for sure but the gift was ladoos. There were only three. I asked, why three? Two for you and one for me. I couldn’t control my tears. I started howling out into my pillow, as I didn’t want anybody to know about my humiliation. On that day he told me his dire situation, his debts, his commitments as the youngest son which his parents had passed on to him. I just gave both my ladoos and really felt ashamed of my selfishness. But still there were lots of time when I erupted, my anger, as I couldn’t enjoy any luxuries just because of all these debts. That too is selfishness isn’t it. Just imagine how much Thomas would have suffered? But poor thing he didn’t have anybody to share his woes and I an insensitive pig. Now I know that I was really insensitive, but then I would have killed anybody who told that to me on my face. But in fact I was really miserable. I just was the most unhappiest person.
          Days passed and one day I dreamt my father, he had passed away when I was 17. He had a soft corner for me. You know “Fathers Love Daughters More”, that policy. It was in fact very true in my case as I was the only daughter and my other sibling was my brother.     I really missed my dad a lot as he was the person who had helped me live a productive life, look at life in different perspectives, gave character to my life - to be caring, loving person. (But I think I had lost the screw of the understanding character) So when he was gone I was lost. He was really a nice person. So back to my dream, he came to me and started helping me in doing some household chores. Then he stopped and looked at me and extended his wallet and told, “Take it you would need it.” I opened it as usual and saw lots of Indian currency notes. I asked him, “But what for?” then he replied, “You would need it.” I woke up feeling so happy, that I felt like crying when I became aware that it was just a dream. Just as you think, even I too thought that this dream came as all my problems were clogged in my subconscious and the mind played the game. So I just let it pass.
          A week later a man came home and asked Thomas, “Would you do me a favour? I really need your help.” Thomas is a very soft hearted person. He really helps anybody in need even if he gets into deeper trouble. So the request was a business proposition. He had no land, to do any farming and he wanted to cultivate vegetables in our land and he would do the working part and selling part (the dealer would come directly to the field, fix the price and weigh the vegetable, pay it immediately then and there) as he had lots of contact because he was a businessman selling vegetables to other places but circumstances forced him to stop as he had lost a lot of money. And as predicted Thomas consented and they started a partnership venture, their fields started producing nicely, they started earning every week. At least I didn’t have to count the pennies. Then everything started changing and from there he got another proposition from another friend to take over his business as he was going abroad and like that the finance of my home started looking good. So it all started after seeing the dream, but is it really true, that my dad really came and gave money? Well I think I’m crazy to think so or else, let him come today in my dream once more and say that he really had come on that day. That’s fair isn’t it. Anyway, if he comes I’ll inform yuall (you all) O.K? But I hope I don’t fall down , unconscious because I’m scared of ghosts, Oh My God (OMG).
                    Just stay happy until tomorrow. Bye for now.

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