Monday, March 28, 2011

Death Do Us Part – Part 2

          So seeing death was a real rare gift, which we won’t be lucky to get every now and then, but I did get it one more time when I was near my aunty’s death bed. I call her Ammachi (meaning mother). She became my mother when I was 6 months old and she took care of me till I was ready to go to school and from then on she was my mother and mother to a lot of family members too. She was loved by all.
          She was the only sister of my dad. She was a very kind lady. She helped a lot of people during her hay days. She was very generous to the poor. She loved her children dearly. She had her flaws, who doesn’t, but she was a very very loving person and very lovable too. So she had lots and lots of visitors when she was in her death bed, which as usual no one was aware of it as she had lots and lots of stints and near death calls. So as usual I came to visit her in hospital. When I reached her room the corridor too was overflowing with Ammachi’s visitors. I couldn’t even get to stand near her because of the rush, but fate intervened, most of the family members left to have lunch as they hadn’t had any breakfast and previous night food too. So all were forced to take their food from the hospital canteen and they invited me too, but I declined as I wanted to just hold her hand and to say “Hi”. But she was connected to a lot of wires and tubes So I  just opted to stand beside her where her eyes could meet mine and my presence known. Some of her children were beside her holding both her hands as she had a tendency to raise the hand and rip off the tubes from the gadgets from their source. But she was not looking at anybody. Most of the relatives were calling her regularly and at that time she would look or else she was looking towards the ceiling and seeing something there because she raised both her hands and joined it as in prayer. I understood that she was seeing some spectacle we mere mortals were not aware of, but again  her family would pull off her hand apart as she had ripped the wires off. I felt very sad as I couldn’t tolerate this insensitivity, I know they all were helping her but whatever spectacle she was seeing was of great importance as she was totally engrossed in the sight and we should have let her to commune but that didn’t happen, pulling her, calling her, kissing her, God, it was real terrible and I just stood near the head rest and caressed her head. One of her sons was really covering her face as he was embracing her, so no one was able to see her properly. But after five minutes she looked up to me through his arm pit hole and again I was able to see the same spectacle which I had really forgotten, Ammachi’s pupils started dilating at that time my heart started squeezing, my breath stopped and my eyes filled with tears as she silently bid adieu and no one knew about it, just we both, a secret bonding. I felt very sad because I knew she was leaving from this world forever by presenting me with such a rare gift. I really thank my Ammachi for all her love care and this rare gift.
          And I’m really happy, both my loved ones had a peaceful death with all the family members around. And I hope they both are happy and in heaven. But for me I have a doubt, is it true that would they come to meet us in our dreams or in spirit? Well I had something to say, which I would like to share with you tomorro. Until then just be your best
                              Bye for now.

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