Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Presenting

            Today I had the oddest gift of all I have ever received – a belated birthday gift. And the gift was simply superb, a gift which no one would be aware of. But a loving gesture. And a techy gift too - My own website.
            There are some moments as time passes doesn’t diminish the expectations and  anticipations of bringing something special, its the day we celebrate as our birthday. Though I’ve not set foot in the greying (hair) territory, I have been taking care of elderly people for some time. Their attitude, their tranquillity, their slow responsiveness, kind of set a trend in my heart too.
            I thought, this year, I would just skip my birthday and lie low, with no cake or parties or new dress or gifts. But as the days neared I wished that someone would remember my birthday, or someone would give a surprise gift. But usually as a mother of the family, I do the organising of celebrations, but what about mine? Anyway I knew for sure, my birthday would be immersed in my inactivity. So the day came, the sun rose bleary eyed (at 6 am), well, it wasn’t cloudy, wishing me a happy birthday. Then the room light too smiled at me when I switched it on, I felt like she is also wishing me a happy birthday and to my surprise, I received the first real surprise gift – A very big box of Cadbury’s Celebrations from my elder son. That moment I knew that he has grown, he has just followed my footsteps of being considerate (well no one says, so at least I should acknowledge it, shouldn’t I). It was really a special day and there it ended, I thought, but I think the day stayed till 12 night and went. But I had a sense of loss, when something special leaves us.
            Now when I think about it, since I didn’t remind anybody of my birthday, I got  no presents at all as everyone seemed to think that belated birthday presents doesn’t serve the point. But I feel that presents are acceptable regardless of the occasion. But does it have any use or I’ll put it this way, is it of any use after the wrapper is opened?  The presents usually are finished or kept as memorabilia or used for 6 months. Some dispose, some keep it according to the relationship priority. One thing is for sure, if the present has touched the heart then even if it is disposed or kept,  the memories stay to accompany us during our retirement. But when I received this gift today, a unique one, which I can use the whole year round, my thoughts flew to the gifts I presented. Was my presents worth a thought?
            I would like to say a story about a present which was given on Christmas day by a husband and wife. I’ll name them as Della and Dan. Della was a housewife, very beautiful and her asset was her beautiful long hair. She didn’t have any beautiful clips to put on her hair. Dan an accountant, very humble and simple person had only a tattered strap watch as an asset which his father had gifted him. He couldn’t afford to buy a new strap for the watch due to poverty. Christmas was nearing, they didn’t want to deviate from the tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts just because they hadn’t money. The day of Christmas arrived and both exchanged their gifts, but both opening their presents were aghast because Della presented Dan with a very expensive leather strap for his watch and Dan presented Della with a very beautiful golden clip with small white precious stones for her beautiful long hair. Della couldn’t stop her tears, Dan was shocked to see her tears and embraced her and she said, “I’m sorry, Dan, I would not be able to use your present, because I sold my hair to buy your present and Dan couldn’t contain his laughter because he too was in the same problem. He had sold his watch to get Della the clip.
            Its not the present part that got through me, but the genuineness of the gesture. The attitude is what made it special. I feel if we genuinely want to make someone happy by giving the person a gift he would cherish, then naturally, we select the right one if we just give the person a place in our heart and all the things just happen correctly. Am I right or wrong?  Well who knows, because no one responds. But anyway, I am glad I got a belated present and would remember my friend everyday, because I sit in front of it most of two hours a day. So thanks buddy for your genuine gesture. Indeed I would like to wish myself a Happy Birthday because someone just gifted me a birthday present.
“Today is a Special Day Meena. Let all you Dreams and Aspirations come True.”
Happy Birthday Meena.
Should I say Thank you? Thankyou Sooooooooooooooooooooooo much.... 
            Bye for now and see you tomorrow.

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