Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Fear, Do You?

Hey Guys!!!

I would like to speak about Fear. You know, fear of darkness, thunderstorms, stray dogs, etc...etc...

I had all these and much more, I was not aware of it until one fine morning, a very old priest of my father's acquaintance took my pulse and said, "Mr. Mathew, your daughter is a frightened kid. It would be advisable, if you could give her juice of Naruneendi (Hemidesmus indicus). It is actually an ayurvedic medicine, which had no taste but some taste, I cannot explain the flavour of the taste. I had consumed two bottles, before returning to the boarding school.

As time passed, I was wondering, did the medicine really work? And I would say, not really. I had all the fear which I had before but there was one difference, I was aware of it. When the fear raises its head in me, I would know and analyze it,

"with fear, will the problem in front of me get solved?"


"Then what is the point in fearing?, just face the problem and let it happen, whatever is supposed to happen."

And the funny thing is, nothing which I feared did happen.

So, then what is the point in fearing? To make known that you are human? Forget it. There are loads of things that make us human, don't lose your health and sleep for fear.

You know, fear is natural, everyone should have it or else I would say they are not normal, but the courage to overcome it is what makes the difference in life. They can live their life in full.

I will say my story, a real life experience, which I had yesterday. I hope not those who know me personally read this.

So the story is thus.

I owe a lady Rs. 10,000/- and I had only 1400/- in my account. I had already given word that I will give her the money yesterday and for me, my word cannot be broken. So I told God, "Look God I need the money to pay her, so help me out and I just left it off and continued my work. I told my friend about it and she was a bit sceptical about it because we all know, this God business is a bit queer and its something undefinable and faith cannot be mixed with daily needs, etc...

But for me God, is more real than my own bodily Self. But no one will understand it. So I am not going into that. Anyway, after half an hour, I received a message that one of the clients has paid me the payment for my service which he is planning to take in the month of November and I really got cross eye, seeing the amount because it was exactly, the amount I needed. And that saved the day.

That is what life is, we are living in the unknown and every moment ahead is darkness, no matter, if it is day or night, the next moment of our life is as new as a new born babe and we will have to face it, no matter who you are, whether a prince or pauper. But if you have someone to hold your hand, through all the phases of life, every moment both good and bad, then I would say, don't let that go. And that is where the eternally present God, comes. But You will have to give Him a chance. If you take upon yourself to drive your life to the destination you feel right, then fine, because God can sit idly in the back seat of your life, and then, don't blame God, for not getting your plans and ambitions right.
If God is the driver then, there is no need of Fear, no need of Anxiety, no need of thinking and planning ahead, its just a simple life to be enjoyed, no matter, what the situation is. So think about it. I am happy, how about you?

Take care.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not Faithful? Be Faithful

You know, 90% cases, reported  for marriage break ups is Faithlessness. Like cheating on your spouse, having an affair with another person, etc....etc....

Why does it happen? Well, to know that we will have to check on the basic fact about oneself. It is all connected with the person Me (in your case, its You)

What is faith?

Its the belief of what one have of oneself, of God or of others. It is usually a positive belief, only good things. And it usually filled within the heart & mind so tightly that there would not be an iota of doubt.

Now, when we have a small speck of doubt in our belief, it becomes the truth and we find ourselves facing this doubt, just like looking in a mirror. I will give an example, you have been invited for a big party and you want to look the very best, but, as the days get closer, you get to get tensed, thinking of all the possible mishaps like a small pimple on the face or a car break down or whatever usual fears and lo behold!!! exactly that happens. So whom should we blame, the soap or the cream which you regularly use or the driver who drove you to the party?

There is no one to blame, except you. Its you who creates all this and that is what happens. If you feel, that being with another man or woman, your husband or wife has a good chance of going astray, it happens as such. So, who is the culprit? You.

Yes, there are times, when there are genuine mental sickness, but that case is rare, which can be treated. 

But, most of the time, in life don't bring a single doubt in your heart with respect to anybody. Even the taxi man or the green grocer or children or whoever you are dealing with. They might say untruth, but believe that they would never say lies and that is what happens, it will become the truth.

We cannot change a person, by our words or actions, but we can make it happen by our faith. So next time, think your spouse can never be faithless to you, unless, you are.

Let me conclude, "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Mathew 17:20

Take Care.