Friday, April 13, 2018

Judging Others

Hey Guys!!!!

I remember when I was small, I told something bad about somebody to my dad, I have never seen him so stern before or after that incident. He sat up straight and looked directly at me and said, "This will be the first and the last time, you will speak ill of others, never ever judge others. When you make a mistake and the world around you point at you, and say, you are not a correct person, how would you feel?  Do you want that?"

"No Dad, I wouldn't want that. I am sorry. I didn't know." This happened when I was 7 yrs old. When I heard my dad say so strongly and the way he told me, believe it or not I really felt fear creep through my very core.

That was an eye opener, From that very day, I make sure that I consciously would never speak ill of others and I try to stop if others speak as such. Whenever I come to that situation, that fear just wakes up within - shaking the young Meena from within, to say, "Shut up Meena."

Its not our place to criticise others, they might have done whatever they did, hoping it is correct, so we accept it as correct for them. If they have done wrong, then it is their problem, they will take care of it. Don't force our ethics on others.

 Just enjoy life, people and the place you are around, no matter how wrong or right it is. Hope you would do right with you.

Take care.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

The LoC of Friendship

Hey Guys!!!

Friends are the best, when they are there to support us, guide us and lend an ear to hear us. But when they try to take the place of someone, then that is where they cross the Line of Control (LoC).

We all have a place in life, no matter what, be there and don't overstep it.

Last day, my friend, a married lady who has a good-for-nothing husband and smart two daughters. So it was natural, she needed someone to hear her problems and that was with her colleague, who was a man. Their friendship grew, they helped each other out, now the man wants to have a say in each and every aspect of her life - to whom to talk with, to whom to be with, etc...etc..... that was the death knell of that beautiful relationship. 

Whose mistake is it?

It is nobody's mistake, we cannot control our heart and the effects the other people have  on us. It can escalate for sure.
Then there are the famous "circumstances", like my friend, she has to take care of her two daughters, she cannot ruin their reputation no matter her husband is a bastard of a man and she would never take liberties with her person with another man, whether he is her best friend, until she is free.

That is where as a friend, we should know, till where is the LoC. Believe it, if you wish to take to the next level, just let it go and be away from the person, you want to be with and there lies the truth, if your partner is attached to you, then for sure he/she will feel and then they will start thinking and that is when the question arise, Why are you avoiding me? And you can say frankly what you feel. If its meant for you, it will happen for you or else, just give the freedom the other person needs and the friendship too.

Never force or dump yourself onto your friends for the sole reason that you are his/her friend.

See you Guys!!!!