Monday, April 21, 2014

How Smart

Today while I was in church, I was lucky to get a place exactly under the fan. So I was happy and very much spiritual. Now you might be thinking why I am saying all these. Its just that I heard the Bible reading. Oops Sorry!!! I know, your brows are raised, but its true. So after the reading, we had the prayer of Faith (I believe in God....). For me that prayer has a special significance. Its like a Personal Anthem. I feel very proud of it when I recite. So I was reciting it from the very bottom of my heart with great passion and there is a part where it states that "I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary." At that time, something struck me, something like an opening of a new information and a new message came to me.

Adam was born without any parent. He was given life by Creator alone, for a purpose to be united with God. He just blew away all of that and Jesus was also born in the same way, created by Creator alone, no man can say, Jesus is his son, except for God. Well, I got this feeling that its not only Adam or Jesus, who were born in this manner. We all are created by the Creator or else we would not be here in this Earth and for a purpose. You might ask the purpose. Simple, be united with God.

Oh Sorry, I got sidetracked. I didn't explain creation which is happening on a millisecond basis. When a pregnancy get positive, the couple is congratulated and sweets distributed, etc.. and if it is negative, its just the opposite. But is it really the power of manhood or womanhood that procreates a new life? If so then how come we are unable to revive a dead person?

Then do we have to be so proud of our existence? Like, we are something great., We can do what others cannot do., We are more smarter than others, etc..etc... If you or me are in that category, then remember you and me are fools. There is one power which gives us to be all this and that power is called the Supreme Power, The Power of our Creator.

Just put this thought into your life, your life situation, then believe me, you would be the best person in the world to live with - The reason? - No Ego.

And you would have the best life - The reason? - Every puzzle would just fall into place without much sweat or heart ache. Want to bet?

See you later


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Faithless World

There is one sad thing that hogs everyone’s life at one point or other, mistrust. I had been in that brunt for many a times that I have lost count.

You might ask, how?

Well, I was a boarder from very small, which means from kindergartren. You know, it was an age, when my things became public property. I didn’t have any stationery to say as my own. I had to beg every other hour for a pencil or eraser or a sharpener. And the result, Meena has nothing. I didn’t mind, until when trouble started brewing when others too lost their things. If someone lose something they immediately put the blame on me. And I a kindergarten student had only one answer, “ I didn’t take.” It was true. I cannot keep my own things, then how can I manage to keep other’s things. Anyway, no one believed except my dad, who said, “Whatever you say, I believe because you are my blood.” Well, I thought he was meaning the father – daughter relationship. But in fact, it was just something out of everyones’ comprehension.

“What you sow is what you reap.”

“He never tells lies and so he believes, that nobody tells lies to him.”

That is where the root cause lies. You behave untruthfully, you cheat others, you are unfaithful to your partner, you rob others secretly, you that..... and that and that and that. Then what should you expect the same untruthfulness, the same cheating, the same unfaithfulness, the same thievery. You might think you are smart because you could catch the culprit red handed. You are impressed because you were able to see through the facade of lie.

But in fact did you really? Or were you seeing yourself in the mirror of life?

You can see only yourself nicely, not others. So when you get ready to judge others saying that he/she is in the wrong, standing on that high podium of yours, think twice because you are judging yourself in front of the world. Believe me, it would not be a happy experience because, this same situation will come to you. Do you know why? What you sow. So shall you reap. So have faith in yourself, then you would have faith in others for sure.

Take care and be happy.