Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What is your Aim in Life?

Hey Guys!!!!!

What is your aim in life?

To become successful? or happy? or be the best in everything you do?

Well, its easy to have an aim in life, but getting to happen is another cup of tea.

Do you really want to fulfill your aim? Here is the best part - Have a clear aim and let it go. Don't obsess on it. Then for sure the aim will be fulfilled within no time.

I remember when I was young, I was in the boarding school, so whatever wishes I had, I thought I will have to wait until holidays when I meet my parents. In those times, I believed, that God was in the sky and the sky was too high for me. And I knew I can't shout my wish publicly because children taunts when the wishes were ridiculous.

So, I looked at the sky and shouted internally from the very bottom of my heart  the wish I had.(And I waited because Sound travels in waves and the ripple has to travel till heaven)

You know when we are kids, we do not have any prejudice of who we are, whether our prayers will be answered or is it too much to ask God? Does God has that much power to grant my prayers, etc...etc...  We just are straightforward.

I ask only once and forget about it. Not because the once I asked was not important, I didn't have a time period to get it fulfilled. I had faith it will happen

I was never agitated of my prayer not being heard and that was reason enough to let it go.

One incident in my life, which I would like to share with you, which proved that it will happen when it should happen.
During my time in school, the final exams were from Lesson 1 till the Last chapter. So we had to keep all the books safe till the last day of school.  I was in class 2 when this happened. My science teacher asked the class to submit the science note book for correction. As usual, I opened my bag to give the book

So think in that perspective, Wish clearly for what you want and let it make a ripple in the universe and reach its source. It will happen.

But don't doubt your capability because you were born with nothing, that means you have the whole world at your disposal, just have faith that you will get.

Hope you will be able to fulfill your aim.

Bye for now guys!!!!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Life when old

Dear Guys!!!

I have had people blaming the children those who have put their parents in oldage, when they become old, but have you wondered what leads to it?

Just a preview of an eye opening conversation.

When old meets old, they prefer to talk about children and grand children. How they are treated? How do they feel about it. Yesterday, I happened to hear one, quite accidentally.

Grandma 1 : "My children, my grand children all love me so...... much that I feel really loved, and cherished and pampered."

Grandma 2 : "I have children and grandchildren, but nobody loves me, they dislikes me."

When we are a child or an old person, life becomes very simple, we don't bother about etiquette or sensivity or sensibility, whatever we feel is expressed without any barriers

Grandma 1 : "Why is it that everybody hates you?"

Grandma 2 : "Because I point out the mistakes of my kids and my grandkids or whoever I meet makes. So they are always angry with me."

Grandma 1 : "Oooh!!!! I never do that, my children are big and they know what is right. I do not want to criticize them. I do not scold their kids too because their parents know how to bring them up. So, I just hear whatever they say and that is the end of the story, I never comment on anything. I keep my opinion to myself. People never like to hear their mistakes.

Grandma 2 :  We are doing a service by pointing their wrongs

Grandma 1 : And do you think they will change? There is a time for everybody to grow, they either learn from their own experience or they will be aware from the criticism from others but I will not be the person to give that criticism because I am 80 plus and I have done my share of living and talking, now its time to shut up and enjoy life."

Grandma 2 : "When we die, God will ask me, did you, correct your son or daughter or whoever did mistakes in front of you? I will have to answer yes, that is why I am correcting them."

Grandma 1 : (Smiling) "Frankly, When I was young, the world was totally different, I do not know the world I am now, so I do not know whether they are right or wrong. So I let them live according to their moral code than mine. But if you feel you are right, go ahead, but you will be quite alone in your life."

This is a small peep to one phase of our life

If you ask my preference, I would go with the first grandmother, shut up and enjoy life.

Hope you be conscious of your life.

Tread it wisely.

When the old criticize the young, the young feel that the old is not comfortable with the young. And they try to give an opportunity for the parents or grandparents to feel happy and comfortable by putting them in the oldage homes, where they can meet their peer group. Don't you think, their thoughts are also right?

 So I would say, "Hey Old Guys!!!!! or Elderly Guys!!!!! let the young be and live your self without criticism or else, as the first grandmother said, you will be alone out there."